Tips to Write Press Release Tweets That Get Retweeted

One simple way to promote your press release is to use the viral power of Twitter. In addition to simply using Twitter to announce the press release, you can create unique tweets to drive traffic and attention to your press release.

If you publish your press release on your website or blog, then this is a great way to increase website traffic. It’s also an effective way to build social media engagement. There’s an abundance of competition on Twitter. It’s not enough to simply post a link, you have to capture attention with a great tweet and motivate others to share.

Tweet Information and Data – Tweets that provide information are retweeted more often than those that don’t, and tweets that are longer and make use of the full 140 character limit tend to be retweeted more often than short and simple tweets. The bottom line here is to provide valuable information.

Try Third Person – It used to be that second person tweets outperformed any other tense. Second person is when you use the word, “you” in your sentence. However, new data suggests that third person may be the more popular tweet tense. Third person uses, “he, she, or it.” Try both and measure your retweets. Your audience may respond to one over another.

Write a Headline – Becoming a good headline writer can make a huge difference in your content marketing. Good headlines attract attention for blog posts, press releases, articles and for tweets too. What’s a good headline? There are a few headline writing approaches to consider and to test on Twitter.

Try using:

• Numbers – 6 tips to write better headlines.
• Emotions – Frustrated by bad headlines?
• Promises – Learn how to finally write headlines that get results.

Again, test and track the various styles to determine which format your audience responds to and retweets more often. A good press release tweet will obviously have something to do with the information in your release.

Timing Matters

In addition to the format of your press release tweet, test and track the best time for retweets. You may find that you get more retweets when you post in the morning or you may get more mid-day. This may sound obvious but the size of your following also makes a difference. As your Twitter following grows, so too will your number of retweets. Consider creating a campaign to grow your Twitter followers too.

Finally, consider adding tweetable factiods in the body of your social media press release. Give people something to tweet and let your audience manage the tweets and retweets for you. A tweet from a follower is more powerful than one from you. It serves as a type of word of mouth marketing and builds your reputation and press release results.

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