Tips To Get Your Business On Local Television

Most businesses would love to be featured on the Today Show or Good Morning America, but the truth is that you can get a lot of traction from local television appearances that can really put your business on the map. Plus, it’s easier to get local attention because they are always looking for interesting news items and guests to interview.


There are a number of ways to get your business on local television:

1-Do your research

Research each station. What kind of programs to they offer? In particular, what kinds of news and human interest programs do they run? Make a list, with the day of the week and time.

2-Dig deeper

Watch every show on your list at least once. Record them all and analyze them. Get the exact name of the show, the producer’s name and take note of who they have on as experts, how long each guest spot is, and the types of topics they cover.

3-Think local

What are the most important things going on in your area that you could tap into?

4-Prepare your pitch for email

Your pitch needs to not only appeal to the producer but make them instantly feel that what you have to offer would be a perfect fit with their target audience. You can do this by mentioning recent guests and what you have to add to the conversation. If you have an opposing point of view, don’t be afraid to mention it. There’s nothing like a bit of controversy to stir things up.

If your guest spot is something you feel they have not covered, emphasize the advantages of doing so for their audience.

In your email, include a link to a pitch page for that particular pitch, which includes all the relevant information they will need to decide whether or not you would make a great guest.

5-Create a video

One of the best ways to convince them that you are worth having on their show/s is to a create a video that shows how personable and relatable you are as a TV personality. Speak intelligently about the topic you are pitching. If you are trying to demonstrate how a product or service can transform a person’s life, be sure that is made clear in the video.

6-Call the station

In these days of emails, most of us hate to call and speak to a person on the phone, let alone pitch to a media representative, but often a show idea evolves from the right topic treatment coming along at the right time. Call the station, be sure you have the right producer for the right show, and ask if you can pitch to them.

7-Write a “talking points” sheet

Include a one-page list of the most important talking points to be covered during your TV show visit. Send it as part of your pitch and make it available to the producer on your website or email it to them. This makes it easy for them to do their job and you won’t get any curveballs thrown at you from left field.

8-Make it informative, not an ad

It will be tempting to try to sell your product up front but don’t. Think infomercial, with lots of useful information for anyone interest in the topic. For example, if you run a sports store, talk about a topic you know your target audience would be interested in, such as “8 simple ways to improve your golf swing.”

9-Include a giveaway for viewers

Create an easy to remember URL with an excellent free giveaway that viewers can download. This will offer engagement and lead generation.

Use these tips and you should soon be able to get local TV coverage for your business.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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