The Importance of Lead Magnet Content

When I was little, my younger brother and I would always get into trouble around the house. We were often up to no good, and my parents would have to pull every trick in the book to keep us in line.

My brother had my back for the most part. That was until one fateful day, when my mother interrogated him about who had drank the last soda in the fridge, which she had been saving for herself. In exchange for the truth, my mother offered my brother a chocolate chip cookie.

Needless to say, I was grounded shortly thereafter. So much for brotherly love, I suppose.

My mother offered my brother an incentive, and in return, he provided her with crucial information. This is the main function of lead magnets. They are pieces of content that offer some sort of incentive or benefit to the customer. In exchange, the customer provides the business with an email address, phone number, or other form of contact information.

“Lead magnets are crucial for industries trying to dominate their space,” said Rhamer Bernardez, a marketing specialist for

“They bring exposure, awareness, trust, and a sense of likability to the company.”

Obviously you can’t offer chocolate chip cookies in return for information. But you can offer downloadable guides, reports, premium videos, and other forms of exclusive content.

These materials should primary serve as educational or instructional tools. They information should bring some sort of value to the customer that puts the expertise of your team on display. This shows that your company is knowledgeable and a trustworthy player in the industry.

Some quick tips when it comes to making lead magnets:

  • Easy Reading: Remember, these are leads that you are trying to convert. Don’t scare them away with jargon! Effectively explain the topic while using plain English as much as you can.
  • Be Specific: Try to pick a topic that isn’t too general. If a topic is too vague, it can be hard to explain in simple terms. For example, Search Engine Optimization is a complex topic with many complicated components. However, a lead magnet on readability scores is a bit more specific – use this topic to show what you know.
  • Results Driven: Your customers want to succeed. The lead magnet should promise to show them the way to success. By promising a small and easy victory through the lead magnet, you build trust with the customer.
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks: There’s a good chance you have different customers looking for different services. That’s why it’s so important to create different lead magnets on different topics. They can be used for different funnels, or on different lead generation pages. If you have more than one kind of service, you’ll have more than one kind of customer. Why not have more than one kind of lead magnet? Have as many as possible – as long as they are relevant. The more the merrier.

Neil Grasso is a contributing editor and marketing associate for With years of experience with both news and content writing, Neil looks to cover and analyze the unique PR strategies used by some of the world's most well-known brands. On the marketing end, Neil specializes in social media management and content creation.

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