Tips To Build Your List with a Press Release

An email list can be a business’s most valuable marketing asset. Anyone who subscribes to your email newsletter is a qualified lead. You now have a connection with them and permission to market to them. A press release can be a useful tool to help you grow your list.

Create a great offer to motivate subscribers

Also known as the “opt-in” offer, your offer should be something that provides value to your audience. It needs to be something that they’re excited to obtain, and willing to part with their email address for. It should also be an offer that can be instantly accessed. For example, you might give them access to a recorded live event, an eBook, or a how to video series. A press release can be used to announce and promote the opt-in offer.

Include a call to action

A press release should always inspire the reader to take some sort of action. If your goal is to build your list with your press release, then the call to action needs to direct readers to an email sign up page or opt-in page.

Provide a sample

Within the body of your press release, demonstrate the value of your opt-in offer. For example, if your opt-in is a ten step home study course on starting a business, then you might share one abbreviated tip in your press release. Give them a snippet and leave them wanting more.

Distribute your press release via many marketing channels

The wider your reach, the more opportunity you’ll have to connect with people who are interested in your information and subscribing to your list. Leverage technology and identify a press release distribution service that provides you with a wide reach, including social media.

Provide value

When writing your press release, your audience is those people who may be interested in your information, products, and services. The media isn’t necessarily your priority. Write your press release with your target audience in mind. What problem are you solving for them and what value are you providing with your opt-in? What benefit do they gain when they click on your link and subscribe to your email list?

Social proof

Within the body of your press release, include quotes and testimonials from happy subscribers. For example, if your opt-in is an eBook, you might include a portion of a review in your press release. If people have achieved results from your opt-in and have shared those results with you, you might include their feedback as a quote in your press release. Back up your claims with proof in the form of quotes.

Make your release social

Embrace the functionality of a social media press release. It allows people to share your release, to click on additional links, and to engage with your release in a different way. It’s a powerful tool to help you build your email list and ultimately to build your business.

Add press releases to your list building marketing campaign. Identify your goals and resources and strategically craft your release to promote your list and your opt-in offer. They’ll help you reach a large audience, establish credibility, and build your business.

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