Tips on Conducting Interviews via Skype or Facebook Live with the Press

Interviews with the media can be nerve racking, but serve as a great deal of success for your business. If a press contact asks you for an interview, that means your business is worth talking about! Now a days, interviews, like almost everything, can be done online. These online interviews, also known as social media interviews, are important to your earned media. As you prepare for your social interview, either via Skype or Facebook Live, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

If it’s your first online interview, you might not be a pro just yet. Making sure that you have a strong WiFi connection, are in an area with little to no background noise, and are properly dressed are the essentials. Reviewing potential or given questions from the reporter are important. You don’t want to be left dumbfounded by an offside question. On the other hand, if you are a pro, then these things come easier to you.

Either way, make sure these things are on your pre-social interview checklist:

1. Contact the Producer Beforehand for any Technical Requirements

Before your interview, make sure to contact the producer to ensure you have everything needed to do the interview correctly. They might need you to stay in a place with a white background, or in a room with great lightning and no sun. etc. In some cases, producers may even send out a microphone to an interviewee to make sure the quality is good.

2. Practice Your Interview

As someone to run a rest run with you. Have them ask the interview questions given by the producer and mock questions you came up with. This will allow you to properly answer the questions. Practicing an interview with someone else also allows them to give you feedback.

3. Maintain Eye Contact with the Webcam

You should always look a person in the eye when speaking with them. But, in this case, the webcam will have to do. Since the interviewer is not physically in front of you, try maintaining eye contact with the webcam as if it were the person. This is also key to keeping eye contact with those viewing the livestream/online interview. Those who tune in to see you looking directly at them from their smartphone, tablet, or any other device they are viewing it from. It becomes a more personable experience for them. It is as if you are also talking to them one-on-one.

4. Notify the Producer/Reporter if Something Goes Wrong

Things happen, which is understandable. You might have a cold, the power in your area goes out, or your camera might be busted before you go live. There are certain things that are out of your control that can cause the cancellation or delay of the interview. Make sure to notify the producer or reporter immediately. Telling them something has gone south ahead of time allows them to prepare and strategize an action plan. Plus, they’ll be thankful you didn’t catch them off guard, leaving them with an empty segment.

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Neil Grasso is a contributing editor and marketing associate for With years of experience with both news and content writing, Neil looks to cover and analyze the unique PR strategies used by some of the world's most well-known brands. On the marketing end, Neil specializes in social media management and content creation.

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