Small Business Success With Press Releases

Make things a little easier for growing your small business success with press releases. A strong press release, that hits all of the best points, can bring your company new attention, new customers, and new sales.

Build Success for Your Small Business with Press Releases

– Gain media attention. Attention gets attention. Often times, the story that one news outlet produces will be a story that another news outlet picks up. Each time a journalist or editor utilizes your press release, it brings more attention to you and your company. The next press release you send out will get more attention from the media professionals because of the previous stories or authoritative commentary you provided.

– Gain new customer or client connections. The more people are talking about you and your company, the more they will see your brand. It has been said by many marketing experts that the average person needs to view your brand at least seven times before following through with a purchase. Each story created from your press releases brings that viewer or reader one step closer to becoming a new customer or client.

– Gain unexpected customers. The news stories that grow out of your press releases will reach a wider market than you have defined as your target market. These unexpected customers may not have been reached by you through the other marketing strategies in your plan.

– Gain more media opportunities. Successful press releases will begin to establish you as an authority in your industry or other niches around your industry. Journalists, editors, and producers will begin to view you as a source for stories because of that established authority.

Press releases can leverage that next step for your small business success – if they get noticed. Invest in crafting powerful and professional press releases to help ensure that they can be beneficial as a tool in your marketing plan.

Top Secrets to Success with Press Releases

Make it perfect. Check your press release for errors or mistakes. Review the spelling, the grammar, and all facts. Get a second person to review the press release as well.

Make it engaging. The story and the telling of the story should paint an image in the mind of the readers or grab their attention. It has to be more than a listing of facts.

Make it easy. Journalists and editors are often looking for stories they can use without many changes. A well-crafted press release will make their job easier and gain that attention you need to put press releases to work in your marketing plan.

Building a success as a small business can be a challenge into today’s world. It is important that the time and resources invested in the building of that success be maximized. Understanding the benefits of press releases can help you see the value of including them in your marketing tool box. Developing the ability to craft professional and powerful press releases that get noticed will then open the door for using the press releases to help build your small business success.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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