Tips for Writing Non-Profit Press Releases

Non-profit organizations often stand a lot to gain if the media picks up their news. It helps them raise funds, build awareness, and share information with the public. While writing a press release is fundamentally the same for both profit and non-profit entities, there are some differences. Learning how to write a non-profit press release can help you increase your organization’s PR results.

  1. Lead with your most important information first. It’s called the inverted pyramid technique. Beginning with the most important information, then continue the release in descending order, leaving the least noteworthy information for last.
  2. Keep it focused. Your press release information should be very concise and succinct. Focus on one piece of newsworthy information. For example, if you’re announcing a fundraising campaign, then stick to the facts about that campaign.
  3. Add your value. Tell your readers how your organization makes a difference in the lives of others. Present facts that share your value.
  4. Skip the mission statement. Don’t lead your press release with your mission statement. It’s not relevant to your news or to journalists.
  5. Real quotes from real people. Quotes add personality and interest. Interview real people and get authentic and relevant quotes for your release.
  6. Remember the 5 Ws and One H. They are the who, what, when, why, where, and how. Answer these questions for your audience.
  7. Make it social and sharable. Include your nonprofit’s Twitter username.
  8. Tweet it. On the day your press release is distributed, Tweet about the content of the press release throughout the day.
  9. Don’t forget to include visuals. Include a photo on your press release, add infographics, and video links. It’s more likely to be shared when you include visuals. Add a link to a video about the campaign discussed in the press release.
  10. Make it Public. Post your press release on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.
  11. Embrace the #hashtag. If your press release is related to breaking news, tap into the power of #hashtags.
  12. Make your non-profit press release mobile compatible. Journalists are on their phones all the time. Make sure they can view your release on their device.
  13. Know the proper press release format.  Make sure you follow proper structure and formatting for your press release.
  14. Edit carefully. Make sure that your press release has been formatted correctly and that there are no broken links, spelling errors or grammar errors.
  15. Finally, pay attention to your press release results. Capitalize on what works and adapt so that each press release performs better than the last. For non-profit organizations, press release marketing can make a significant difference in the growth of your organization.

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