Tips for Choosing the Right Multimedia Links for Your Press Release

Social media press releases provide a new opportunity to reach a larger audience. They’re considered part of an advanced press release strategy and can help you reach bigger and better press release goals. The truth is that journalists and industry experts pay attention to social media. It’s a step that’s not to be skipped.

One of the aspects of a successful social media press release is to include multimedia. You can embed video into your press release, add images and more. This use of multimedia makes your press releases more powerful. Images and videos are displayed along with regular web results on search engine results pages.
According to Forrester Research, in press releases, videos are 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of results compared to regular web pages. This means that even if your press release doesn’t land on the first page or two of search results, your images or video might.

#1 Choose Wisely

It’s vitally important that the images and multimedia links you choose don’t distract from the goal of your press release. You want readers to have an exceptional and memorable experience, not to be distracted by the additional content. Identify the goal of your press release first. Write the release and then create relevant multimedia to support the content.

#2 Don’t Over Link

Using too many links in your press release will not only negatively impact the effectiveness of the press release; it can degrade the value of each link that you include. A general rule of thumb is to use around 2-3 links back to your website, including a link to your landing page.

#3 Use Keywords in File Names

Images and videos not only capture your audience’s attention and make your release more compelling; they also get indexed by search engines. Make sure to place your press release keywords in your file names to enhance SEO.

Video, images, and multimedia links enhance the visibility of your press release in the search engines and give you an advantage on social media platforms like Facebook. Take the time to choose your multimedia carefully and make sure that all links work and are relevant to your release. Test and track the results of your multimedia releases. Learn what types of content your audience responds to and what type of media is most often clicked on and viewed.

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