The Pros and Cons of Publishing Your Press Release on Your Blog

There are many different options for getting exposure for your press release. One option is to publish it on your blog. Before you hit “Upload” and take that step, make sure you have a full understanding of the pros and cons of publishing your press release on your blog.

Pros – Keywords and SEO

While Google doesn’t favor press releases, they do pay attention to content published on your blog. Additionally, media pages do attract search engine spiders. Your press release will undoubtedly have your primary keywords in it, and publishing it on your blog (either as a public blog post or as part of your media page) can help you drive traffic to your site and help with search engine optimization.

Cons – Audience May Not Care About Your Press Release.

While you may care about the information in your press release, and it’s possible that prospects may be interested, there’s also a great risk that when you publish your release as a traditional blog post that your readers just aren’t going to care.
They may feel that it’s wasted on them and you might lose some readers. This isn’t common and there are ways around this. You can publish your release with the keywords “Press Release” in the tagging or categories so readers aren’t surprised. Additionally, you can position it under your media tab so that it’s not part of your feed.

Pros – Media Information – Media Page on Your Blog

Adding your press release to your blog as part of an archived list of releases can add value to any media representative who is looking at your company. Journalists, media bloggers, and magazine writers may visit your site at any time, and a media page with a fully archived list of all of your press releases provides them with valuable information about your company. The more you can help them out, the more likely they are to be interested in covering your company or using your company in a story they’re writing.

Pros – Credibility If Your Releases Are Professional and Interesting

In addition to helping the media out by placing your releases on your blog, you also help boost your company’s credibility. However, this is only true if the releases are relevant, professional, and provide unique information.

Cons – Limited Reach If This Is Your Only Distribution Source

If publishing your press release on your blog is your only form of distribution then you’re missing out. Your blog may have great traffic. But it just doesn’t have the reach that social media and press release distribution sites have. A press release distribution service can reach thousands of media outlets, newswires, social media sites, and bloggers.

Your opportunity to grab attention and achieve your press release marketing goals are much higher if you publish your press release on your blog and use a press release distribution service as part of your strategy.

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