The Benefits of a Strong Media Kit

Every company needs a media kit. A media kit is a page on your website or a downloadable package of information for the media. A media kit usually includes items like photos, company history, past media, a company description and more. It includes everything the media might need when they’re interested in covering your story. A strong media kit can make all the difference in your company’s press and public relations.


What is a Strong Media Kit?

A strong media kit and an average media kit have some things in common. The difference between the two can be subtle. A strong media kit contains:

  • Print-ready images (products and people)
  • Awards and recognition
  • Recent press releases and media coverage
  • Up-to-date company information
  • Up-to-date product/service catalog
  • Links to more: videos, downloads, etc.
  • Contact information, including social media pages, email addresses, and phone numbers

The key differences between a strong media kit and an average one are that strong media kits include information that is up to date, as well as interactive media like videos and downloads.

What Does a Strong Media Kit Do for Your Company?

Credibility and Authority

With the right information in your kit, you can boost your credibility and authority with the media. What is the right information? Facts, data, awards and recognitions. You can include downloads like case studies and white papers as well.

A Strong Brand Story and Message

One of the most difficult aspects of media coverage is ensuring that your brand message is effectively communicated. A strong media kit ensures your message comes through loud and clear. By sharing materials, company information, and videos you provide the media with everything that they want and need.

Better Chance at Media Coverage

Let’s face it, being a journalist isn’t an easy job. And when someone makes your job easier by providing you with the majority of information that you need, you’re more likely to cover their story. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you rather write a story where you have to dig for information, or would you rather write a story where most of the information is readily accessible? The answer is easy. When you have a strong media kit, you have a better chance at having your pitch covered.

Moving Forward

The first step is of course to create your media kit. Include documents that your company has created, videos, images, a fact sheet, social media contact information, and any awards or recognitions can help you get started. Then create a plan to keep your media kit up to date. Update photos, bios, facts, and awards whenever necessary and keep all contact information accurate. A strong media kit will help you get the coverage and press your company is looking for.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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