How to Grow Your Instagram Following to 10k Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social channels. It’s used by men and women, and users tend to be diverse, ranging in age from the teens to senior citizens. This means it’s a widely popular social site to leverage to increase awareness and strengthen your brand. The biggest challenge with Instagram is getting noticed and creating a following. Followers are akin to qualified leads. They’re people who are interested in your topic. The following tips will help you grow your Instagram following to 10K or more.

1. It Starts With Great Content

Instagram followers find you via a number of ways. One of the most common ways that people find you is when your content is shared by others. People don’t share average content; they share great content that is relevant to them and to their friends or associates. As with any marketing channel, create a content calendar for your social posts, test, and track results.

2. Engage & Follow

Follow influencers in your industry. Follow your customers. Engage with them. Share comments, useful information, and help promote their posts. When someone comments on your post, reply to their comment. When someone follows you, thank them for their follow and invite them to engage.

Consider creating an engagement schedule. For example, you might find and follow one new industry-related person each day and comment on three posts. This type of schedule will help you consistently grow your Instagram followers. As people see you on the channel, they’ll connect and follow. 

3. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords with the # symbol next to them. On Instagram, they help people find your content and your page. Use relevant hashtags, up to 30, with each post.

4. Create Visual Unity

Your post appearance on Instagram matters. Insta is a visual channel where people share images and video. Take the time to create a theme or a unified look so that when someone visits your page, they can see that your posts look similar to one another. They’re branded. In addition to a consistent look and feel, you can add your URL and/or logo to your images.

5. Post Daily, At a Minimum

As with any content, the more people see you in their feed, the more likely they are to follow you. Post at least daily. Finally, don’t forget to include captions. Your caption is your written text under your post. Use this space to inform, to engage and entertain, to ask questions and to share.

Rhamer Bernardez is a contributing editor and marketing associate for Newswire. She comes from a journalistic and PR background, covering everything from best practices in the field to social media strategy. Have an idea for a blog post? Don't hesitate to email Rhamer at:

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