Press Releases For An Online Store

The main purpose of a press release for an online store is to push traffic to your site and entice customers to purchase. But, stating that as your call-to-action is not ideal. It’s important to keep this goal in mind as you craft a well-written, professional, informative press release. If your release is enticing enough, website traffic and orders will surely begin to roll in!


Keep in mind as you’re writing your press release that it’s important to include something newsworthy and to use an informative tone so your press release doesn’t come off as self-serving to your readers. If it reads as a sales letter or promotional piece, your readers won’t want to follow through on your call-to-action and it’s much less likely to get picked up as a news item with journalists.

How do online store press releases appear different from traditional “brick and mortar” store press releases?

The format and content can actually be very similar. Each should include these pieces:
  • Heading that captures the reader’s attention and draws him/her in to keep them reading.
  • Sub-heading (usually one sentence) that expands on the heading and further draws in the reader.
  • Introductory paragraph that explains why the reader should keep reading, why the information contained within is pertinent to them.
  • Three to four additional paragraphs that contain data, quotes from customers or stakeholders, or other information to back up what was written in the introductory paragraph.
  • A clear and concise call-to-action for your reader to take the next necessary steps.
  • Boilerplate information about your company.

The main difference between a press release for an online store and a traditional store is in the call-to-action. Since you can’t invite your reader to stop in for a sale or to come in to “try out” the new product, the call-to-action must be crafted around online activities.

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