Press Release Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To

Trends can play an important role in your business strategy and marketing. As new technologies emerge and online engagement evolves, it’s important to stay abreast of what others are doing, what works, and what your audience responds to. While it certainly doesn’t make sense to adopt every trend that comes along, the following five press release marketing trends are ones to pay attention to.


  1. Branding – Branding your content is something that you should already be doing. Branding helps build your connection to your audience. It also strengthens your credibility with the media. Keep in mind that branding goes beyond putting your logo in the upper lefthand corner of your content and press releases.

Branding is the voice, message, and values that your organization strives to communicate. That brand message should be clearly communicated in your press releases and all marketing content. It’s communicated through the language you use, the images you put in your press release, and yes, in the logo you add to your header.

  1. Data Driven Results – Another trend for 2017 is using data to drive press release marketing. Leverage statistics about your audience, learn which type of content is most popular you’re your audience, and leverage analytics to tell you when your audience is online so you can determine the best time of day, week, and month to publish content and distribute press releases.
  2. Real Time Preparation – Data-driven results and real-time press and PR management are essential in 2017. With social media playing a vital and powerful role in press and PR, it’s important that you are able to respond in real time to any engagement. When the media comment on or share your release, you have minutes to respond or potentially lose their interest.
  3. Engagement – Press releases are no longer a simple “distribute and forget about it” tool. They do play a role in online search, but that’s no longer their primary function. Instead, it’s about traffic, sales, and media coverage. To truly maximize your press release marketing, engagement also has to be a key goal.

Engagement is obtained through social sharing, online distribution channels, and of course being able to track who is responding to your release and engaging with them in a timely manner.

  1. Personalization – Personalization applies to every step of the press release marketing process. The release itself has to be more personal and connect with your reader. When you pitch to the media, your pitch must be personalized to that representative, no mass pitching is allowed anymore. And your story and response online must also be personalized. It’s about engagement and interaction in 2017, and that must be authentic.

Take a look at your current press release marketing strategy. Are you currently embracing these five trends? Is there room to improve? Leverage the data and the channels available to your organization to get the most from your press release marketing.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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