Online Press Release Distribution: Reasons Why It’s Still Effective (Despite Fury Animal Updates)

I don’t know what your stand on this is, but I’m a little sick of listening to all of these discussions related to the death of online press releases and the comparison with article directories. Whenever a brand-new online forum on marketing and advertising occurs, individuals wish to cross out online press releases and consider it as aged and obsolete. The Panda and Penguin updates sure have caused wide-spread fear amongs website operators and SEOs alike, however, what is the hard concrete evidence to support such idea.

The reality is, it’s not a dying method. Online press release distribution is still alive and kicking, regardless of how many Google updates are unleased, news releases have actually adjusted to assist business obtain significant and valuable reliability and publicity when it comes to sending out their message.

The advantages of utilizing online press release distribution are vast. Here are some of them.

  • All businesses from all sorts of industries can benefit from PR distribution.  Not business is too big or too small for press release distribution. This means that no matter how technical or general your business is, you can still take advantage and still get great results.
  • Distributing press releases are cost-effective. While some marketing strategies require a lot of investment, you don’t have to worry about shedding too much money with this method. In fact, there are free press release distribution websites; although a premium membership account is encouraged for maximum exposure. But the point is, you can even get your word out there without spending a single dime if you want to.
  • Press releases can give you the ‘industry expert’ impression. In this competitive industry, being seen as an expert is greatly important, not just because of popularity reasons, but more customers will put their trust in you as an expert. Of course, once you have gained people’s trust, do you think they’d hesitate buying from you or paying for your services? Definitely not.
  • Press release distribution doesn’t just help you gain new customers, but it can also help you get investors – something that is really important in every business.
  • SEO Benefits are still present, no matter what Google does. Backlinks from reputable press release outlets will always carry good weight when it comes to driving more quality links to your site.

As you can see, online press release distribution may be seen as a less effective method, however, the jury is still out on this and from what I’ve seen it still works pretty darn well– actually, just as affective as other modern marketing strategies that I’ve seen out there.

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