No PR Department? How to Decide Who Should Be the Press Release Contact

Many small to medium organizations do not have a public relations department. Contact with the media and press releases are handled internally, often by the marketing department. However, if you’re in a growing business you may have a small group of people you’re working with, and many of them may take on the role of marketing and sales. So how do you decide who should be the designated press release contact? Let’s take a look at five possibilities.

1. Someone In The Marketing Department – If you do have a marketing department then it may make the most sense to designate the leader of this team to be the media contact for your organization. They should have a good handle on the company mission, vision, and all visuals that the media may want.

They can also be the person to coordinate any media communications. Additionally, if prospects or potential business partners reach out to you via your press release, the marketing department should be aware of these communications. Designating someone from your marketing department as the press contact helps streamline information exchange.

2. Someone With Good Communication Skills – Who within your organization has the best communication skills? Who would you want to be the person that represents your organization? Keep in mind that they may be talking with the media. Ideally you want someone who has a clear understanding of your company and who is able to effectively and communicate it.

3. Someone With Media Contacts – It’s not common, but if you do have someone within your organization who has media contacts and relationships with local or national media, that can be a tremendous benefit. They can give you the extra edge you need to receive coverage and attention from the press.

4. The Person Who Writes Your Press Releases – Whoever writes your press releases, assuming they’re internal and not a contractor, may be a great contact person too. They are familiar with the information in the press release. Additionally, assuming the person who wrote the release also works for your company, they can be coached about the mission, vision, goals and audience. They can be ready for the media to call.

5. A Company Executive Or The Owner – Finally, another person who can be the press release contact is an executive or the company owner. It can give the impression of a small company which you may want to avoid. However, it can also help readers feel connected. They may be more inclined to reach out if they know they’re going to be able to communicate with a high level person.

Remember you can change your media contact. Your decision isn’t permanent. That being said, you may have to invest some time preparing your contact for their role. Take time making the best decision for your company and your goals.

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