Newswire Expands Press Release Distribution Internationally

Newswire continues to empower its customers with the Earned Media Advantage by enhancing International Distribution options. It can be a challenge for businesses to successfully penetrate new markets on a global scale.

Taking press releases worldwide is another way Newswire continues to enhance its Media Communications Utility that drives the Earned Media Advantage. Newswire customers will now be able to distribute to countries such as Canada, the UK, Latin America, Asia and much more.

“We recently expanded our distribution options to further serve our customers looking to penetrate the global market in their specific regions,” said Erik Rohrmann, COO and SVP of Newswire.

The enhanced Internation Distribution Newswire offers is simple, flexible, and cost-effective, according to Rohrmann. It will help customers expand their business and media reach.

Anthony Santiago, VP of Marketing for Newswire said, “The expansion of our international press release distribution and the streamlined process is our commitment to provide customers with the Earned Media Advantage and allow them to maximize their efforts.”

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