(Micro)Influencer Marketing: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When companies talk about influencer marketing, they are referring to influencers with sizeable followings –aka celebrity influencers. Celebrity influencers are the bright and shiny goals of big marketers, but what about smaller micro influencers? Yes, those bigger influencers can be beneficial, but micro influencers can be significantly more powerful.

The idea that “Bigger is better” does not necessarily have to apply to influencer marketing. Take a look at other influencers in the space. They are probably just as or more engaged than celebrity influencers. You just need to know which one to pick.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using Micro Influencers:

What is a Micro Influencer?

Micro influencers are those social media and online influencers who have a smaller following. That following can be less than 50,000. Whereas a celebrity or expert influencer may have as many as a million followers. Big difference in reach but that’s not where the biggest differences lie.

Benefits of Micro Influencers

Trust, Authority, and Credibility:

Micro influencers may not have the same following as celebrities or experts, but they do tend to have more trust from their audience. They work hard to forge connections, produce drive content, and make their audience feel respected.

Ther hard work pays off with trust. When a micro influencer says something, their audience believes them. As a marketer, you know their audience will hear their message (your message too!) and engage with their/your content.

Conversion and Engagement

A micro influencer’s followers are more likely to take action on collaborative campaigns. This means “Like, Comment, Repost, or Share” anything the influencer puts out there. This, in turn, leads to a higher conversion and engagement rate.

As a marketer, this gives increases your ROI v. when working with a celebrity. Micro influencers can be more one-on-one with you. Celebrities probably have a busier schedule than micro influencers. They would be able to personally take time out of their day to strategize with you, instead of going through a third person.

Let’s Talk Cost

Working with influencers isn’t free. Your collaboration will compensate the influencer in some way. Maybe it’s a flat fee or a pay per click or referral setup.

Regardless, you’re going to spend less money with a micro influencer than you would with an expert or celebrity. There are many reasons why micro influencers are less expensive. One of them is the demand for their collaboration. As demand goes up, so too does their fee.

That being said, micro influencers tend to be highly protective of their audience and don’t partner with anyone who offers them a paycheck. This is good. It means when a micro influencer agrees to collaborate with you, you can create an authentic relationship.

Bottom line, working with micro influencers may not only be better for your profits but also just more fun and easier to work with. You still have to do your research and choose the best influencers for your brand and audience. However, bigger definitely isn’t always better in the world of influencer marketing.

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Rhamer Bernardez is a contributing editor and marketing associate for Newswire. She comes from a journalistic and PR background, covering everything from best practices in the field to social media strategy. Have an idea for a blog post? Don't hesitate to email Rhamer at: rhamer@newswire.com

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