Learn How to Time Your Press Release

Sending out your press release at the right time can be the key to getting the most earned media for your efforts. It is important to choose a time that works for the media outlets, but you also need to be certain that the lead time will provide your story with the attention that it needs.

Finding the best time for your press release may take a little time in itself. You will need to measure your efforts and test a few options so that you can see what has the greatest results for you.

Measuring Tips to Learn How to Time Your Press Release

Start with your goals. Write down the expectations you have for your press release. Until you know what you want, you will struggle to find the best way to get it.

Make a list of websites, publications, or individuals where you plan to send your press release. Be sure to note if you need to the copy or the title for any particular submission. Also include the time and day when you send the press release.

After the press release, do a search to see if your titles have been indexed by the search engines and, if so, how many times. You will want to use your list of markets to record these results.

Watch the publications for an article about your story. Although some publications will contact you before print, many will use the information straight from the press release. You will have to watch for the release to measure your results.

Include a special call to action. In honor of the story, you could include a special opportunity and only include that opportunity in your press release. The response to the opportunity could help you determine the full impact of your press release.

After the Press Release

Review the numbers you have gathered. Consider the overall impact, the responsive markets, and the benefits of any changes. Use all this information to help you hone your ideal press release time.

Take a moment to send a thank you to the media professionals that shared your press release. It not only lets them know you appreciate their efforts, but it helps to keep your name in their minds in a positive way. That connection can be beneficial for the success of future press releases.

Additional Tips for Timing Your Press Release

Avoid waiting until the last minute. When you rush a press release, you can crowd the lead time of the media outlets. It is also more likely that you will make an error in the copy or in the timing when you are pushed.

Avoid major holidays. Major holidays are not the best time for a press release. If your story connects to the holiday then be sure to send the press release before the actual holiday arrives.

Never try to compete with breaking news. The breaking news will win out.

The good news about timing is that it changes for each story and for each market. The bad news is that finding the right timing for your press release may take some trial and error.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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