Influencer Networking 101

Influencer networking is a term that you may have heard in the past. You’re definitely going to hear more about it in the future. But what is it and how can it help you strengthen your business and bottom line? Let’s take a look.


What is Influencer Networking?

Are you familiar with the term “Influencer Marketing?” This is the practice of leveraging the social power a recognizable name can have on your own business growth. A very simple and powerful example of this is Oprah. If she mentions your book or product, sales go through the roof overnight. You probably have a handful of recognizable or notable people in your industry. And there are undoubtedly many people you’ve never heard of who are also influencers in your industry. The key is to identify those folks, to connect with them, to build relationships and to eventually leverage those relationships into influencer marketing.

The Process

To have an influencer marketing campaign requires that you have influencers working for you – and that requires relationships. That relationship-building process, including the very first contact or introduction, is called influencer networking.

It requires finding the right influencers. Sure, Oprah would be awesome to connect with and could probably help boost the sales of any product or service. However, she’s a pretty busy person and getting her attention may take years of challenging work. There is lower hanging fruit to grab a hold of and to leverage. These are the people with a large following in your niche and complementary niches.

Finding the right influencers means spending some time doing your research. Who do people pay attention to in your industry? What blog posts and bloggers are the most popular?

The next step is to get recognized. That is achieved by engaging with the influencer online in a professional, respectful, and valuable way. Offer comments, feedback, and information on their posts. Engage. Earn their respect and their trust. Make mutual friends and connect that way if possible.

Make a connection. Once the influencer knows who you are, it’s time to make a connection. Know what you want to get from the relationship and how you can help one another. Write your pitch and send it via email or pick up the phone and give them a call. Keep in mind it has to support their audience and provide them with some value. They will want to know how promoting your company will help them. Make sure you know the answer.

Influencer networking is just the beginning of an influencer marketing strategy and process. But it’s an important part of the process. Don’t overlook it, don’t rush it, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of powerful relationships.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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