How to Write a Press Release that Gets Noticed

You might not think it’s difficult to prepare your own press releases, but figuring out how to write a press release that will actually get noticed can be significantly more challenging. Consider that your competitors are probably sending out their own press releases, too. And writing a press release that’s effective and boost your business is something else entirely. Here are some tips to help you write an effective release that stands out from the crowd.

Writing a Press Release is a Craft.
To some, the press release might seem to be a dry and purely functional document. After all, if the purpose of a press release is to inform the reader, then writing a press release shouldn’t require much time or effort, right?

In truth, writing a press release is much more of a craft, and can be thought of as an art form –one that needs to be taken seriously. A press release does have a goal in mind, but there are different approaches for reaching that goal. When learning how to write a press release in the best possible way, a skilled author will balance information with intrigue, and make the reader of the press release become interested in learning more.

Effectiveness Isn’t an Abstract Concept.
Effective press releases are the ones that get noticed, and the ones that drive targeted traffic to your brand. The first step in getting noticed is to make sure you have a high quality headline. And that means you need to understand your audience. If you’re using a service to help you distribute your press release more effectively, you can start learning about your audience by understanding the outlets that your release will be sent to.

Be Clear and Concise.
A page, or maybe two, should be more than enough for you to get your message out there. If you have difficulty in distilling the purpose of your press release down to a page or two, then you may want to continue refining your story before you start sending out press releases.
It’s also best get to the point right away. You may be tempted to try to build up the reader’s interest throughout the press release before you actually get to the main point – but beware of that approach. If your reader decides that your headline is interesting enough, and they want to learn more, don’t string them along.

Provide Support and Back-Up.
As you prepare your next press release, take a look at what you have to support the substance of your release. Can you get quotations from credible and trustworthy sources within your industry? Do you have outside statistics or research that can bolster the claims you are making? Writing a press release that gets syndicated and picked up by various bloggers, journalists and the media outlets means that you’ll need to demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of the relevant industry.

Make it Timely.
In our 24-hour news cycle, interest in certain stories and topics can seem to ebb and flow rather quickly. If you can send out a press release that somehow ties into a story that’s just starting to become big, you may be able to generate a significantly higher level of interest.

By following these guidelines you’ll have the best chance of writing a press release that actually gets noticed by your target audience.

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