How to Write a Good Employee Bio for Your Press Release

There are several components to a successful press release. With a structured format a press release has to have among other things, a lede, quotes, a headline, a call to action, and an author’s bio.

Each component of a press release can impact the success. One often overlooked piece is the author’s bio. It can add credibility and personality to your press release. In fact, it can be the component that motivates a journalist or media representative to pick up the phone and call you.

What is an Employee Bio?

The bio is a short paragraph that introduces the employee or author to the readers. In general, it can contain information about their education, work history, achievements, and occasionally their hobbies and activities. As you might expect, a biography can become very dull quite quickly. It can also provide irrelevant information – information that really doesn’t relate to the press release or the audience.

Let’s take a look at how to avoid boring your readers or providing them with information they just don’t care about.

Use Your Brand Voice

The goal of a bio is to introduce your employee to the readers. It should be written in the same voice you use for the rest of your content. If you’re conversational and friendly, then the bio should be written in the same voice.

Establish Credibility and Authority

The bio can also be used to establish expertise and credibility, and to qualify their experiences and background. You can make a statement about their achievements within the organization or how they’re regarded. These components combine to create and build trust in your team and your brand.

Add Personality

Photos are an essential component of a good press release biography. This is particularly true with online press releases and social media press releases. They’re shared more often when they contain images and photos. Additionally, when you include a photo of the employee it helps connect the reader to them and to your company.

Photos are just one way to add personality to the biography. When relevant, consider including a quote from the employee. It should be relevant and reflect their thoughts, attitude, and values. It’s one more element that can connect the reader to your employee and your organization.

Keep in mind that if the media runs a story about your company, they’re going to likely reprint the bio. Make sure that the information you present is something that you will be proud to see online for years.

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