How To Research Your Brand On Social Media

There are many uses for social media. You can use it to find influencers, connect with them and build your audience. You can use social media to increase your email list or drive traffic to your sales page. You can actually sell on social media, advertise, and even perform some customer service functions. You can also use social media for research. If you have a branding campaign and/or a PR strategy, then you can also research your brand on social media. Here’s how.


1. Survey Your Customers & Followers

Use social media tools and functionality to learn how your followers and target audience perceive your brand. You can also use it to learn more about their pain points and how to position your brand as a problem solver.

There are many different survey and quizzing tools you can use.

You can embrace something as functional as a “Yes/No” question on Instagram Stories. Social feedback can truly help you understand how your audience perceives you, and it gives you powerful information to influence that perception and to widen your awareness.

2. Alerts and Mentions

Hopefully, you are already monitoring your brand online, and on social media in particular. Monitoring social mentions can help you better understand how your brand is perceived and who is talking about your business. When you know who is talking about you, and what they’re saying, it provides you with information that you can immediately take action on. You can respond to mentions, both positive and negative, and influence your brand perception. Build relationships with people, businesses, and media representatives who mention you, your products, or services.

3. Keywords, Competition, Trends and More

Social listening tools can help you better understand your audience and your industry. Social listening tools give you the ability to monitor competitors. This allows you to understand what their digital marketing is and how it’s working for them.Connect with influencers by monitoring specific keywords and audiences in order to find the most popular influencers in your industry. Get a better understanding of your audience and the keywords they use when they search for solutions and information. And you can use social listening functionality to measure the success of a PR campaign.

Social media is for more than building an audience and posting content.

It’s for learning more about social sentiment as it relates to your brand. Study you audience and their perception of you and the industry you are in. Give you the opportunity to identify communication, stronger branding, and growth.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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