How to Plan the Timing of Your Press Release Distribution

Planning the timing of your press release helps you make sure that it gets into the right hands, where it will do you the most benefit. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle, and sitting down to identify your options can help you make sure your timing works for your needs.


What Are Your Press Release Goals?

Before you can establish a timeline for your press release distribution, you’ll want to look at the goals you have for your release. For example, if your goal is to increase traffic to your website then the timing matters less than if you want to get big media exposure before an event. Once your primary goal has been identified you can move forward with your timeline.

Who Are You Working With?

Are you working with a reporter? Do you have a relationship with a media blogger? Make a list of the people that you’re working with. Then do a bit of digging and find out what their timeline is for covering your news. Do they need 24 hours’ notice or do they need a week? What day do they publish on and how does that fit into your event or launch? For example, if they publish on a Friday and your event is on a Thursday, you’re going to need to get them the information a week prior to your event.

The same is true for distribution services. If you’re working with a service, you’ll want to find out what their turnaround time is. How long does it take to approve a release and get it on the wires? Add that information to your timeline.

What’s the Actual Date of Your News?

If you’re announcing an event, like a charity run, or you’re announcing the launch of a product, then that date will play a key role in your planning. Ideally, you want the press release to go out before that day. You can work backwards to determine when the release should be distributed.

What About Email?

If you’re distributing your press release via email or on social media, that’s an easy step. With autoresponders and the ability to schedule content on social media, you can set the release to be distributed at the same time it hits the wires. That way, you’re covering all your channels at the same time. It helps boost visibility.

When Do You Publish It on Your Website?

Generally, the release can be published on your website or blog after it has hit the news wires, social media, and just before your email it. Ideally, you’ll email a link to the press release which will link back to your website.

As for the best day and time to get a press release out there into the world? There are differing opinions. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday seem to be the best days and most people recommend submitting them it the early to mid-morning. However, you should always test and track your results to find out what day and time works best for you.

Planning the timing of your press release distribution depends largely on how you’re getting it out there and what your goals are. Start with your goals and the day of the event and then work backward, making sure that everyone is on schedule and ready to go when it’s time to hit “Send.”

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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