How to Partner With the Media

Partnering with the media can be a win/win situation. You get the coverage you want for the issues that are important to you. The media gets information, stories, and connections that help them report stories that their readers are interested in. 

Why Partner with The Media?

Partnering with the media helps you raise issues that are important to your business. You can connect with the public, share opinions, and generate interest in your business, audience, and products or services. 

Identifying Key Players

The first step to partnering with the media is to identify the people that you want to work with. These may be local journalists, trade magazine writers, or mainstream media representatives. Determine your goals for partnering with the media and then find the people who can help you achieve those goals. 

Research, Research, and then Research Some More

Learn as much as you can about the targeted media representatives. What types of stories do they want? How do they get their stories? When do they publish their stories and when do they start researching new projects? Journalists and media representatives generally want an exclusive story, a unique story that appeals to their audience, a story that the editor wants or approves of, or a story that may lead into future stories or projects. They also want the information that they have to be reliable and credible.

Your Role in This Process – Become a Source of Information

Once you’ve researched your journalists, it’s time to begin connecting with them. You can send them a press release about your organization. However, also keep in mind that they may be interested in other pieces of information about your industry or audience. For example, a health writer might be interested in learning some of the most recent data your health care company has collected. 

The First Step Starts with You – Professionalism Matters

Start building a relationship with your chosen media representatives. Connect with them on social media and respond to their posts and stories with thoughtful and professional comments. Become a reliable and trusted source of information.

Once you’ve developed a relationship with the media, it will make it easier to get them to cover your press releases, company, and information. Partnering with the media is an opportunity to help them, to bring desired information to the public, and to build your business. 

When you reach out to the media, remember that they’re people and that they have a job. Communicate professionally, respect them and their needs, and don’t pester. Only provide information to them when it’s relevant and something that you think they can benefit from.  A good relationship with your media representatives can benefit everyone. 

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