How To Create A Blogger Outreach Strategy

A blogger outreach strategy can be one of the best ways to get your business, brand and products in front of the right people.  The first step is to create a brief pitch for the product, service or event you wish to promote. Your next step will be to find the correct bloggers for your niche or industry.


Finding The Right Blog And Bloggers

What blogs related to your niche do you visit most often. Make a list.

How Recent Is The Content?

A good blog should be updated regularly. If you visit the blog and the publishing is patchy, it might mean they are not that diligent or it might mean they’re having trouble keeping up with content creation. This could be a great opportunity for you to pitch stories to them, or even offer to guest blog.

Determine If The Content Is The Right Style And Tone

A lot of bloggers write with a good deal of personality-sometimes too much. Narrow down your choices as you do your research to make sure the blog, the blogger, and your business are a good fit.

Is The Content In-House, Curated, RSS, Or Hosted?

If the content is in-house, see if one or more people are writing it. If it is curated, check the source. If there are author names attached to the curated content, dig deeper to find out the contact information for them so you can pitch to them.  If it is an RSS feed, investigate the original website or blog. Research authors and contact information. If the content is hosted, check out the name/s of the guest bloggers to see what their on blog or website looks like. Make a spreadsheet of everything you find out.

Email Individually

Don’t send out mass emails.  Avoid the BCC.  In each email, demonstrate that you are familiar with that they do before launching into your pitch.

Write an attention-grabbing headline/subject line

Top bloggers probably get pitched to hundreds of times a day. Try to make your email stand out so it doesn’t vanish with one stroke of the delete key.

Keep It Brief

Your pitch should be 5 or 6 sentences at most in 1 or 2 short paragraphs. Pitch clearly, with enough detail to get them interested and eager to learn more.

Follow Up Like A Pro

If they do get back to you, follow up as promptly and efficiently as possible to give them everything they need.

Create A Range Of Content

In addition to each pitch, also consider creating images, video, infographics and listicles.  A lot of bloggers like to use an image to support their content and video and infographics are hugely popular.

Offer Guest Blog Posts

If the pitching goes well and you have a good response and seem to work well together, ask the blogger if they would be interested in guest posts from you. The guest post should give you a link back, and/or an author resource box telling the blog’s readers all about you.

Write A Great Author Resource

Who are you or your company and why are you worth paying attention to?

Create A Special Link That Will Be Useful To Those Blog Readers

Don’t just link the resource box to your home page URL. Create a special landing page for each blog you write for and include information and links that will match that audience.

Track The Traffic And Results You Get From Each Blog

Watch your traffic logs to see which blogs are making the most impact on your business.

A solid blogger outreach strategy can help you gain targeted traffic in order to achieve your publicity and marketing goals.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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