From Good To Great – 7 Press Release Secrets

Launch your press release from good to great so that you can gain the attention of journalists and editors. Each day, hundreds of press releases can come across the virtual desks of the media professionals. They have to look through these stacks to find the right story for their publication.

It is important to make your press release stand out from the others. Following the industry guidelines and developing engaging content are just some of the ways that you can gain attention for your press releases.

Top Seven Press Release Secrets

Make it personal – use quotes from the individuals involved. Quotes help connect the reader to the people in the press release. Personal contact will have a better chance of being shared.

Make it relatable – use testimonies from those in the community. Content that involves the community or leaders in the community will gain more traction with media professionals in the area.

Make it clean – clear up any issues with grammar, spelling, or formatting. One typo could sabotage the entire press release. Send the press release through several people to be certain that any mistakes are cleared up before you submit the press release to submission sites and media outlets.

Make it simple – say what you mean without adding an abundance of adverbs or adjectives. Be descriptive – show instead of tell – but also concise. The goal is to tell the story in just one full page.

Make it timely – connect the content to a current news story or event and get it out to the media professionals while the topic is still in the top of the news feed. Avoid sitting on your press release. Get it written, proofed, and sent out.

Make it professional – stick to the industry standard formatting when creating your press release. Most journalists and editors disregard press releases that do not follow the industry standard. Submission sites may have additional standards as well that are required for sharing your press release through their sites.

Make it newsworthy – a press release needs to be more than just an announcement. It should read like a news story because it needs to be news-worthy. A press release is not a sales pitch. Although it can feature products or services, it must be constructed in a way or have an emphasis that makes it news.

Strong press releases can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy. Press releases get you in the front door of media outlets. They provide you with credibility and authority when shared by those media outlets. They grow additional opportunities for you to engage with the media professionals as an expert or authority in additional news stories.

There is a lot of completion when it comes to press releases. The media is bombarded with new releases every day. It is important to craft content that will not get lost in the shuffle. Your press release must be more than just good. It needs to be great. You can follows these seven simple tips for turning your press release from good to great to help ensure that you are noticed.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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