Follow the Checklist for Better Press Release Results

Writing a powerful story is the first step to grabbing the media’s attention. Following this simple checklist can boost your press release results.  It’s not just about the facts. Words provide a connection to the reader. Before the reader sees your story, it must gain the media’s attention. The best results happen when you create attention-grabbing headlines that translate into sharable and engaging stories.

The Basic Checklist for Better Results With Your Press Release:

1. Form: Grab the Media’s Attention
  • Journalists, producers, and other media personnel are bombarded with noise
    • Be unique
    • Follow Industry Guidelines
2. Content: 

The right story at the right time makes the biggest difference. Finding a way to connect with hot topics, local publications, or special events can give you better results. Developing a powerful emotional component can give your content the edge to push it forward. Including easy-to-share charts, infographics, or images can send your story into the world of viral content.

3. Connection:

The world of earned media is founded on relationships. Who you know in the media outlets can provide you with the attention you need to get the best results from your press release. Investing in connections within the media industry and then growing those connections into strong relationships can be the best tool in your arsenal for garnering better press release results.

4. Follow Up : Take Your Story to the Next Level
  • Follow up with additional stories
  • Continue the conversation about the story
    • Website
    • Social media
5. Social Media Sharing : Share Your Story Across All Platforms
  • Make it easy for others to share
    • add in social media buttons
    • include links within your social media sites
  • Keep talking about your story!

The investment you make in your press release creation will have a lot to do with the outcome from the effort. You first need to get the attention of the media by following the standard industry format.

Grab the attention of and make a connection with the reader by developing engaging content.

The additional efforts that you put into the follow-up of the story and also in your social media sharing will help to give more lift to the wings of your story. The story is just the foundation – it is what you do with the story that will make the difference. Follow this basic checklist for better press release results.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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