Focusing On a Local Market: How to Target Your Press Release

Press releases can be used for business of all sizes, industries, and locations. Whether you’re an online business owner or an offline brick and mortar establishment, a press release can help you gain attention for your business. Local businesses can leverage press releases to help drive traffic and sales. The following tips and steps will help you create a release that your local audience will respond to. 

Use Local Keywords

Local keywords will help you get the attention of local media. Additionally, as you distribute your press release and strategically share it on social media, you’ll grab the attention of your community and your local audience. Use analytics and keyword search tools to help identify local keywords that are relevant to your industry. Use the keywords in your headline and in your summary or first paragraph. 

Industry Statistics That Are Relevant and Meaningful To Your Local Audience

Within your press release make sure to use statistics that are relevant to your local audience and readers. For example, rather than say “10 percent of Fortune 500 businesses,” you might share a statistic that incorporates data about local businesses. The local data may be more difficult to dig up, however it can have a dramatic impact on your audience and it may be more powerful or useful to local media. 

Benefits That Are Relevant and Meaningful To Your Local Audience

In addition to sharing local statistics, also strive to share benefits of your news that are relevant to your community. What information in your press release has an impact on them and why? How does your news change their lives? 

Share Stories about Customers They Might Know

A press release will be stronger if you’re able to share relevant stories within the context of your news. Look for opportunities within your community to share relevant stories. For example, you might share a success story about a local client. The story needs to be connected to your news, of course. Consider the fact that any local business that is mentioned in your press release is likely to promote that press release, and share it with their audience. This gives you more exposure. You can tell a customer story with facts and data, or with quotes from that customer. 

Images with People and Places They Know

Finally, consider including images in your press release. Press releases with images (like photos, infographics, and videos) perform better online than those without. And if you use images and video that highlights locals you’ll get more attention from your community. They’ll also be more likely to share it, and the local media will be more likely to cover your news.

Press releases don’t need to reach everyone around the globe. If you have a local audience, why not leverage your release to grab their attention? Use their stories, images, and information in the press release and get them involved in your news. 

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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