Corporate Newsroom Tips for Startups

A good corporate newsroom is essential for any business with a website. It’s the tool that the media will use when they’re researching your company. The quality of your newsroom and the information you provide can be an important element in your press and PR success. Startups can benefit from a great newsroom right from the beginning. You don’t have to wait for media coverage to get started. Here are proven corporate newsroom tips for startups.

Include Contact Info for Your PR Reps

Don’t make journalists have to click through five or more pages before finding contact info for your PR person or media contact. If they have to dig, they are more likely to click away, and you won’t get the coverage that you’re hoping for. Make the contact information easy to find and make sure it’s placed on every page in your newsroom.

Then, take it a step further and include a brief bio and headshot of each one of your managers and officers. Make sure the headshot is large enough that the journalist can download it and use it in their material.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

This is a must-do for nearly every corner of your website, but it is perhaps even more important for your corporate newsroom. Include share and follow buttons to allow your readers to publicize your content for you. It also makes it easier for reporters to find you on social media, where they can continue their research.

Industry Resources

Journalists will do additional research on your industry. You can make their lives easier if you have already identified some key resources and made them readily available in your newsroom.

This can be anything from facts about your industry, current trends, and even content about your competition. The more you can provide the journalist, the easier their job is and the more likely they’ll be to write about your startup.

Create A Knowledge Base

In addition to industry resources, you can provide a wealth of information for media reps and for your audience.

Your knowledge base can include: case studies, surveys, industry news, and other relevant industry or brand information. Your knowledge base positions you as a credible expert.

Make It Visual

We live in a highly visual world now, and media content is often packed with video, photos, graphs, and more. With every piece of content you create for your newsroom, make sure there are visuals included. You’ll also want to tag them, for SEO, and make sure they’re downloadable or embeddable so the media can use them. Essentially, provide them with images that they can use for their own content.

Share Your Story

As a startup, you likely have a unique story. Who are the founders? Where are they from? What’s their background? What is your mission and vision? Make sure to add this type of brand story information. Media reps and reporters will want to know, and it may help you get the press and PR coverage you want, especially when you’re first getting started.

Finally, make sure to archive all of your press releases in your newsroom. Place the most recent first. Creating a corporate newsroom can take a little time but it’s worth it. As a startup, you can use all the media coverage you can get, and a newsroom helps make that possible.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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