Can You Send A Media Pitch To Influencers?

Sending a media pitch to journalists can help your brand get more exposure online and in traditional media, but is it advisable to send a media pitch to influencers when you are looking to get started with influencer marketing?


What is Media Pitching?

A media pitch is traditionally a brief letter or email that offers up a news story to a journalist or editor. The goal is to create interest in the story, in your story idea, and to find out if the contact is willing to use it.

Is this effective with influencer marketing?

Not in its purest form or in your initial outreach to influencers, no.

Ideally, when you start working with influencers, it pays to customize your proposal to each influencer that you choose to target. Once you have looked at their audiences, their posting trends, their other content that they share from other brands who have reached out to them, you will be able to see how they prefer to share information about other brands with their audiences.

Using this information, you can craft the perfect proposal, or pitch, to get them to share news about your company.

Once you build a relationship with an influencer, using a media pitch-type of correspondence can be effective, but again, this depends on the influencer.

If you are reaching out to a blogger with a large following, giving them some writing ideas can be a great way to continue to build your relationship with them. But again, this comes after an initial relationship has started, not right off the bat.

What Should Be Included in Media Pitch Emails?

  • Remind the influencer of your relationship with them. It’s not necessary to introduce yourself, since you’ve already built the relationship with them. Just remind them of you and your brand and why partnering has been successful in the past.
  • Reference their work that is similar to what you are proposing.
  • Articulate the five Ws of what you are proposing – who, what, where, when, and why.
  • State again why this story is perfect for their audience.
  • Provide your contact info again with something as simple as a line like: “As always, I can be reached via email at (email address) or on my cell phone at (number). I look forward to hearing from you soon!”

Important Takeaway: Sending a media pitch as an initial correspondence with an influencer is generally unsuccessful and will be ignored.

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