6 Ways Email Marketing Supports Your Press Release Marketing Efforts

  1. Give your list the inside scoop. Tell them the news before you tell anyone else. Your list is a beloved group of people who are prequalified prospects. They’ve shown an interest in your business and information. They deserve priority treatment. Give them the inside advantage. For example, if you’re announcing a new launch next week and plan to issue a press release, tell your email list about the launch before you tell anyone else. Start drumming up excitement for your news.
  1. Share a link to your press release (and ask them to post, share, comment etc…). Once you’ve issued your press release, you can do one of two things. You can email the press release to your list directly. But be forewarned that the press release may be too structured and formal for them to care. Email is a personal connection and communication format. Press releases are formal and structured. You can email your press release to your list. You can also email them with information that is related to and supports your press release, and then include a link to your press release for them to click on.
  1. Email infographics – Infographics are often shared both on visual sites like Pinterest, but also on traditional sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. B2B and B2C audiences both respond to infographics. If you include one in your press release, share it with your email audience. You can embed the infographic in the email or embed it on your blog and link to it in an email message.
  1. Email videos – Following the same reasoning and approach as infographics, you can also email your list with a video link or embedded content. Video is a common added value feature of many of today’s press releases.
  1. Email follow-up content – When relevant, you can email your list with follow-up content. For example, if you’re hosting an event and announcing the event in a press release, then you can follow up with your email audience by sharing photos from the event, quotes and case studies or any other valuable information.
  1. Email your list with any media response your press release gets. If your news gets picked up by a news outlet, be sure to share that information with your audience. It adds credibility and authority to your brand. A simple, “Check out this story on CNN about…” can help build awareness for your business.

The bottom line with any email marketing activities is to make sure that you’re providing your audience with value and benefit. Your audience wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” make sure the answer is apparent before you market your press release information to them.


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