5 Ways To Use Press Releases To Find Leads

Press releases can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing kit for finding leads if you use your releases correctly. Here are several quick and effective ways to boost your lead generation.


1-Create an exciting lead generator

Your first step will be to create a free item that people interested in your niche will be eager to get their hands on. Think about the types of problems that are most common in your niche, and how to solve them. Try to relate the information to one or more product that you have for sale.

i-Choose a topic

Narrow down your list of topics to one that will have the broadest appeal to your target audience.

ii-Decide on a format

Choose the best format for delivering the information you would like to give your audience. It could be a free report, a free e-course, or some other free item with a high-perceived value for your target audience, such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), checklists, templates and so on.

2-Set up your lead capture process

i-Create a new list

Once you have created your free item, go to your email marketing platform, such as AWeber, and create a new list.

ii-Create a welcome email thanking them for their interest in your business.

iii-Within that welcome email, either include a link to the free report or another item you have created or include the first lesson of your e-course.

iv-If you are choosing the e-course option, create a separate email for each of the other lessons you will be sending them. Most e-courses usually run for five to seven days. This means you would create five to seven emails in total. Note: Once the e-course is finished, email the people on that list a newsletter related to your products and services.

3-Create an attractive sign-up form

Create an attractive sign-up form in your email marketing platform. Make sure the style and colors suit your business. Keep it simple. Ask for the name and email address only. You can always try to get more information from them later, once they are on your list.

4-Create your squeeze page.

A squeeze page is so called because you will be squeezing the contact information out of them; that is, their email address.

i-Write an interesting description of what the free item is all about. Make it such a compelling offer that they will be eager to get it. Highlight the features and benefits in such a way it sounds like a must-have item they won’t want to miss.

ii-Add a quality image to support the text.

iii-Place the HTML code or javascript for the sign-up form on the page.

iv-Publish the page.

v-Copy and paste the link to the page

5-Create your press release

i-Write a useful press release with news and information, but no pushy sales tactics. Think useful information, not advertising.

ii-Write a powerful call-to-action to get people to click on the link to get their free item.

iii-Include the link from step v of item 4 above.

Link keywords related to the offer. Don’t say “Click here,” but rather, “Get your free report about X topic now,” and link that phrase.

In your press release, include a clear call-to-action. Tell them exactly what they can expect to receive if they sign up for your list.

A press release can not only inform media representatives about what’s new in your business, it can also be used as an excellent tool for lead generation if you are careful to construct it for maximum results.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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