3 Ways Byte Is Coming To Bite TikTok

Applications on Andriod or iPhone have become a phenomenon when it comes to helping and entertaining people in their everyday lives. People have become dependent on using applications and have integrated the use into their daily lives. From being able to keep up with friends and family on Facebook or using FindMyiPhone to find a lost device, apps have become a big hit.

What happens when a company develops a life-changing app? It becomes a hit. But, there is always somebody at the heels waiting to jump forward with the next best version.

TikTok has had a good couple of years with relatively no competition.

Well, step aside TikTok, Vine has made a come back, but under a new name: Byte.

Vine had long-run success from 2013-2017, with major singers, actors, YouTube, and Instagram personalities who have derived from the former app. As quickly as it’s rise, was the same as it’s demise. Then in 2018 came TikTok, who used the same concept as Vine, creating short, quick videos synced with music or famous meme bits for users to create their own content. But in full circle, Vine has come back as Byte, another looping video app looking to take over the space.

Here are 3 Ways Byte is Coming Back for the Thrown:

3. It’s A Service People Know

When TikTok came into the scene, there were Vine users who were rolling in salt over the loss of their favorite app. Many were not ready to accept TikTok into their lives. In fact, people were actively against using TikTok, often making memes about how TikTok users. However, with Vine back under a new name, those users loyal to Vine will finally have a place to reign.

The familiarity from having a well-known former app backing is comforting to most users. Even those that have made the switch to TikTok are curious to see how Byte and its platform will do. According to Mashable, Byte has already surpassed Vine’s initial downloads. Having a connection to a formerly successful app has had great benefits.

2. Byte Has No Chinese Influence

It’s no secret that TikTok, founded by a Beijing-based company, has had consumers and lawmakers alike worried about the influence it has on unsuspecting non-Chinese consumers. Many others were worried about their privacy online.

1. Byte Has Editing Tools

TikTok thought people just wanted to put unedited videos on the internet. Other app developers took notice and put out some apps to edit TikTok videos. Who wants to use two different apps? Byte is vastly superior in the fact that you can edit the video in the app itself.

We’re just hoping Byte soon comes with a way to cross-post directly to Twitter and then it’s over for TikTok.

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