10 Great Reasons to Write a Press Release

Some business owners think that using a press release should be reserved for when they have significant news to reveal. Big news certainly justifies sending out a press release, but smaller tidbits can be an appropriate subject for a press release as well. Here’s a list of 10 reasons for writing a press release that you may not have considered before:

  1. You Roll Out a New Product.
    Obviously this is going to be a great source for press release material. Prepare a new press release every time you release a new product or service to the public
  2. You Begin a New Partnership.
    Any time you for a new strategic partnership or enter into a new business alliance, you can send out a new press release. It’s often best to work with your new partner to prepare a joint press release that you can both send out.
  3. You Celebrate an Anniversary.
    The beauty of this type of press release is that it can relate to the anniversary of when your company was formed, when you launched a particular product, or any other significant aspect of your business. And such a press release also gives you the opportunity to reiterate the successes you’ve had in the prior year.
  4. You Launch a Website.
    Depending on the type of business you operate, you might find that writing a press release each time you launch a new website can give you a great initial boost in traffic.
  5. You Hire a New Key Employee.
    Whenever you hire a new key employee you should send out a press release to announce it. Not only will the press release help with a boost in traffic, but it will demonstrate to your new hire just how much you value them.
  6. You’re Scheduled to Make a Public Appearance.
    Any time you’re scheduled to speak publically, whether it’s at an industry event, a chamber of commerce event or in any other public forum, you can announce it with a press release. You can also send out a press release if you’re scheduled to make an appearance on television, on a radio show, or in some type of webcast.
  7. You Received an Award.
    Have you recently received any type of industry award or recognition from your peers? Let others know by sending out a press release.
  8. You’re Making Free Information Available.
    Any time you make a new report, white paper or other type of information available for free, you can send out a press release and boost your reach.
  9. You’re Sponsoring a Seminar or Workshop.
    Whenever your business sponsors or conducts any type of seminar or workshop, you should include sending out a press release as part of your promotional efforts.
  10. To Announce Survey or Research Results.
    Do you conduct surveys or research within your industry (or even just surveys on your own website)? Consider sharing the results of this research because this is exactly the type of information that can get widely distributed across the Internet.

This list of ten ideas is just the start. Once you get into the habit of sending out press releases more often you’ll realize just how exciting and useful even relatively “small” pieces of news can be exciting.

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