Vanquish Marketing Nurtures a Healthy Team Culture

The leaders at Vanquish Marketing are proud to maintain an upbeat and supportive team culture. The firm's director of operations elaborated on his efforts to recruit, hire, train, and retain top talent.

“A team-based culture is the foundation of our success at Vanquish Marketing,” said Chris, the company’s director of operations. “That’s why it’s our top priority. A driven and empowered group of experts is responsible for delivering superior results to the brands we serve.”

According to Chris, a healthy culture begins with the hiring process. “We have a specific set of values to which we are all loyal,” he stated. “These principles guide us, so I take great care to only onboard professionals whose personal values align with ours. I want people who love to work hard and collaborate in a fast-paced environment. They should also possess leadership skills, such as empathy and active listening.”

In addition to the recruiting and hiring processes, team members complete training that is personalized to meet their individual goals. As such, people who come to work at Vanquish Marketing enjoy customized career tracks and the guidance of coaches on a one-to-one basis. The possibilities they see for advancement lead to high engagement and retention.

"We have a specific set of values to which we are all loyal,"


Director of Operations

Director of Vanquish Marketing Highlights the Impact of Social Events on Team Building

“We don’t just work together at Vanquish Marketing,” Chris continued. “We have a lot of fun together, too. Believe it or not, it has an amazing effect on productivity and performance here in the office. My colleagues and I regularly organize and host exciting social events. We often enjoy dinner as a group, not to mention friendly competition in the form of bowling and mini golf. It’s great! We like to go to sporting events and root for our favorite teams as well.”

Chris indicated that spending time with one another on a social basis means team members get acquainted on a personal level. They shed their roles and work responsibilities, and simply relax. It leads to greater cohesion and inspired thinking back at work.

“We also use our bonding time to make an impact on our community,” Chris concluded. “Philanthropy is a vital piece of our culture, so we enjoy doing volunteer work and participating in fundraisers whenever possible. Not only do we benefit others this way, but we get to meet new people and learn new skills as well. It’s wonderful for morale. With such amazing people, all of whom work hard, have fun, and share our values, our firm is a leader in the industry. I’m incredibly proud.”

About Vanquish Marketing Group

Vanquish Marketing Group is a high-performance marketing firm with years of experience in the promotional events industry. Their skilled team of branding specialists has the talent and training to design on-site promotions that generate lasting brand growth, impressive consumer engagement, and increased revenues. As a result, they have built a reputation of success and flexibility that has allowed them to expand into new regions and customize consumer events to meet specific client objectives. Their dedication to core values has separated Vanquish Marketing Group from their competition, and their commitment to excellence means that they will continue to help businesses expand and grow.

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