Vanquish Director Celebrates 2017 Success, Talks 2018 Goals

Vanquish Marketing Group's Director of Operations discussed the firm's 2017 achievements and the aggressive goals he has for 2018. He also outlined the benefits of setting ambitious objectives.

It’s been a year to remember for Vanquish Marketing Group. Perry, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “We’ve earned national recognition for our team building this year, which has always been a point of emphasis within our company. Our organizational cohesiveness has actually gotten stronger across states thanks to our camaraderie-boosting efforts. We’ve also streamlined our recording and reporting processes.”

Perry is determined to carry the positive momentum generated this year into an even more successful 2018. He commented, “In the year to come, I want to expand organically three times. It’s important that we keep entering new organizational territory to expand Vanquish Marketing Group’s influence and that of the brands we represent. Before 2017 is over, though, I’d also like to create an even stronger sense of ownership among our management team.”

The Director is inspired by the growth of his team members, citing it as a main reason for his 2018 optimism. He added, “Our team mentality and selfless sacrifice are two of our core company values. Combined with our people’s ownership actions, they put Vanquish Marketing Group in an enviable position going forward. In five years’ time, I expect us to be the most prosperous organization with the strongest foundation based on steady growth and a scarce attraction.”

Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director on the Value of Setting Ambitious Goals

Perry reminds team members to care more about their future selves than their present selves, so they never have to be their past selves again. “This basically means you have to set goals if you want to keep moving forward,” he added. “If you don’t have clear objectives, you won’t hit them. It’s essential to have a strong focus if you’re going to achieve your biggest aspirations, so that means knowing the exact steps to take to make it happen.”

Well-defined goals also help people measure the progress they’re making. This goes for both the objectives at hand and overall personal development. The Director stated, “When our team members mark every milestone on the road to reaching a major goal, they also gain confidence. With every step forward, they generate positive momentum they can use to keep going. They also gain inspiration to tackle further challenges once their current objectives are met.”

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