Vanquish Networks, Shares Insights at Conference

Vanquish Marketing Group's Director of Operations discussed a recent conference and the benefits it provided to those who attended. He also offered his best advice for making the most of such events.

​Traveling to industry events of all kinds is one of the central elements of the Vanquish Marketing Group developmental approach. Team members frequently compete to earn travel incentives, including the recent national quarterly conference. Perry, the firm's Director of Operations, explained, "A few hand-selected promotional specialists represented our company at the conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with influential leaders and gain valuable new insights into the latest business techniques and marketing strategies."

Team members Alistair and Dillon attended the conference with Perry. "These two standout performers were chosen due to their commitment to reaching ambitious goals," the Director said. "They've been going the extra mile, so I thought it was time for them to be rewarded in a way that would bolster their careers going forward."

The conference featured workshops covering a wide range of important topics, as well as keynote speeches from top leaders. Members of Team Vanquish Marketing Group also had plenty of chances to forge productive bonds with highly accomplished people from the industry. Perry remarked, "There's really no substitute for getting up close and personal with successful people. Alistair and Dillon were able to pick the brains of some very bright professionals. I'm excited to watch them put what they learned to good use in the weeks and months to come."

Vanquish Marketing Group's Director of Operations on Maximizing the Value of Conferences

Sending team members to a big event such as the national quarterly conference is a significant investment, so it's essential to get maximum value from the experience. Perry stated, "The best way to make the most of a conference is to do a lot of the work before you arrive. Before our promotional specialists represent Vanquish Marketing Group at a big industry function, we set clear goals for who we want to meet and what we want to learn. By exploring event-related websites and social media pages, we know what to expect."

Following up with new connections made at a conference is another way to ensure maximum value. "It's important to take notes on every discussion you have at an industry event," the Director noted. "Doing so enables you to personalize follow-up messages and create stronger foundations for lasting connections. I encourage our promotional specialists to jot down a few details on the back of every business card they collect at a conference."

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