Vanquish Marketing Group Returns From Tropical R&R Retreat

Select associates from Vanquish Marketing Group recently attended the corporate Rest & Relaxation Retreat in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This contingent enjoyed a well-earned adventure in this tropical locale.

Perry, Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director of Operations, was pleased with the opportunities this event presented the team. “This was a great recognition function, and I’m glad to have shared it with Jenae, Jessica, Lizzie, and Chris,” he said. "There is so much to see and do, and so many people to meet. There’s nothing like connecting with others in an amazing location like Punta Cana.”

As Perry shared, the Punta Cana highlight for Vanquish Marketing Group associates was networking with industry leaders. “There were so many top people from different regions, as well as people who have really made their marks in interactive sales and marketing,” he noted. “There were many speakers who imparted tremendous wisdom that we can’t wait to apply in our offices. We gained a greater appreciation for the business as a whole.”

Of course, the theme of the retreat is Rest and Relaxation, so there were plenty of moments for the team to enjoy fun in the sun together at an all-inclusive resort. “We had time to lounge by the pool and beach, and take part in water activities like catamaran rides and snorkeling,” he said. “We toured the city of Punta Cana and just took in the sights while unwinding from a hectic year.”

The capstone event was the award ceremony in which those present were recognized for their hard work and contributions to the company’s mission. “It was a night of celebration and dancing,” Perry said. “We really had a great time.”

Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director of Operations on Traveling for Work

“One of the perks we’ve come to appreciate at Vanquish Marketing Group is travel,” said Perry. “We believe that trips like this R&R event offer our people great opportunities to grow professionally and as a team.”

As Perry noted, other events the team can be selected to attend include regional trainings and national conferences. “Our people have ample chances to qualify for travel,” he said. “Those that show leadership, meet their milestones, and have the right attitude are prime candidates to participate in these trips. It really is an incentive for them to work harder and hit their target goals in all areas.”

Now that the Punta Cana trip is behind them, Perry is looking forward to the next team adventure. “We’re ready to go!”

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