Vanquish Marketing Group Team Returns From Conference

Top representatives from the Vanquish Marketing Group team recently returned from an industry conference and are anxious to share what they learned. According to managers, interactive marketing will be hot this year!

“I can’t say enough good things about our time at this conference,” stated Chris, Vanquish Marketing Group’s Director of Operations. “There were definitely sparks in the corners of our associates’ eyes as they listened intently to the amazing speakers.”

Chris explained that the conference offers Vanquish Marketing Group’s associates multiple opportunities to expand their industry knowledge. “There are inspiring keynote addresses from industry leaders that get us pumped up and ready to make a difference in the marketplace,” he said. “Of course, there are many demonstrations and breakout sessions that allow our team members to experience new promotional marketing techniques and envision how they could work.”

“Networking is a huge part of why we send our associates to these events,” he added. “Not only are our new team members exposed to so much incredible information, they’re able to connect with the biggest players in the industry. Overall, we leave these conferences energized and ready to put what we learned into action with other associates.”

Vanquish Marketing Group Managers Discuss Lessons Learned From the Conference

According to Chris, the Vanquish Marketing Group representatives who attended the conference were delighted to learn that interactive marketing will be growing and becoming more important in upcoming years. “The brands we represent want their products into homes faster,” he explained. “The old way of doing things, with conventional ads, doesn’t have the same grab as an event-based campaign. We have the power to form a meaningful and lasting relationship with consumers.”

“This is why these conferences are so crucial,” Chris stated. “We need to learn about the best up-and-coming product categories. Already, we’re taking the information we gathered and strategizing on how to innovate our product offerings so they are seen as ‘hero’ lines with customers.”

Chis suggested the most vital skill is being able to connect with consumers. “We strive to reach them at their levels, and help them see the value the products we represent will add to their lives.”

Now that the team has returned and are crafting even more creative solutions, Chris proclaimed that the energy level in the office continues to build. “Everyone on our team is motivated and ready for a big year to come,” concluded Chris. “No question, 2017 will be great.”

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