Vanquish Marketing Group on Best Practices of Networking

The director of operations at Vanquish Marketing Group discussed the significance of networking to business success, and shared several relevant techniques.

“Business travel is a big part of what we do at Vanquish Marketing Group,” said Chris, the firm’s director of operations. “With travel comes networking. Whether we’re going on a retreat, meeting a potential partner, or attending a conference, there are plenty of chances to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.”

According to Chris, the impact of networking on business and career growth is striking. Every connection brings with it the possibility of new opportunities. The director stated that Vanquish Marketing Group’s team members have written guest blogs, found coaches, and received referrals due to engaging with other experts.

“We recently went to a quarterly conference, where we had the pleasure of interacting with other professionals in our industry,” stated Chris. “It was incredibly productive, and everyone here is an adept networker. Still, I want to make sure we keep honing our skills. As such, I’m placing greater emphasis than ever on this topic during our ongoing trainings. After all, there’s always room for growth!”

"I also plan to urge everyone here to consider volunteer work as an avenue for networking,"


Director of Operations

Vanquish Marketing’s Director Shares Networking Secrets

“We cover a lot of ground during our training sessions, so I’m sure that all of Vanquish Marketing Group’s experts will gain a lot in terms of networking,” Chris continued. “There are some specific methods I plan to share, the most important of which is really quite simple. It’s a matter of remembering that networking is most powerful when the people involved are genuine. Others know when you are and are not being your authentic self. They only trust people who are open and honest.”

Chris and his fellow leaders at Vanquish Marketing Group will also work with team members on setting goals prior to networking events. It’s far more beneficial to have a purpose in mind when attending an industry function. A reasonable goal might be to engage with a particular influencer, for instance, or to find new talent.

“I also plan to urge everyone here to consider volunteer work as an avenue for networking,” concluded Chris. “Community giveback is already a big part of our culture. I just want to make sure team members realize how much they can benefit from the people they meet at nonprofit agencies and fundraising events. These individuals may not work in our field, but there is still great potential for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.”

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