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Lights, Camera, Investment…Capitalizing on the TV Streaming Revolution

TEN10 Television LLC – a Division of TEN10 Portfolio Management, LLC – announces the launch of “TEN10 Television Fund (1)” for November 18, 2015.  This fund will be focused on a slate of at least 10 television projects including Reality TV, Scripted Comedy, Scripted Drama and Game Shows.

According to Josh Mills, TEN10 Television’s Chairman, “There is an enormous demand for quality content from hundreds of channels and providers. We seek to expand our collaboration with partners who have recently set up shows using their models at networks such as:  HBO, ABC, ABC Family, NBC, TNT, E!, Hallmark, Lifetime Movie Network, HLN, OWN and the Travel Channel.”

The flagship project on the TEN10 Television slate is “Before I Forget” - a three-part documentary series story already in development by TEN10 production partner Desert Wind Films.  TEN10 Television will capture the vivid courage, valor and sacrifice of the US Army Eighth Air Force as experienced through the young eyes of Sergeant Robert Davis, now a decorated 98-year-old WWII Veteran and hero. Sergeant Davis had already flown 23 successful missions as a turret gunner aboard a B-24 Liberator when he and his crew were shot down over Nazi Germany in May of 1944. The young American crew were captured by the German army and thrown into Stalag Luft IV where they endured months of hardships, sickness and malnutrition before being forced to abandon their camps during a harsh winter.  Young Sergeant Davis, along with 80,000 fellow allied prisoners were forced deeper into Germany as the German High command tried to escape the stranglehold of Allied forces rapidly closing in on Berlin.  Nearly 2,000 allied soldiers did not survive the notorious death march before Sergeant Davis and his fellow soldiers were liberated by the American forces. His story of heroism and bravery in the face certain death will inspire young and old alike.

The television entertainment industry is experiencing exponential growth and content providers are searching for the quality projects and programming that TEN10 will deliver. Netflix alone has 65 million subscribers; Alibaba, the Chinese behemoth, just rolled-out a streaming service called TBO that’s meant to be the Netflix of China; Google spent $100 million creating original programming content for YouTube; rumors abound that Apple plans to launch a TV subscription service in 2016, with reports that they are eyeing entrance into the world of original content; Amazon and Yahoo have their own streaming services. The allure comes from the abundant revenues in TV and streaming: Comcast said in a May 10, 2015 report that revenue from video customers rose 3 percent to $5.3 billion, while Internet revenue rose 10.7 percent to $3 billion. Netflix’s revenues hit $838 million—for just the month of July 2015.

“We’re asking our investors to answer these two questions:  What is the engine that keeps this growth going?  What is the single most important offering these companies provide to the market in order to create more revenues and win more subscribers?” says Steven Camp - Founder/Executive Producer TEN10 Television. “The answer is CONTENT, Similar to an investment in any sector, it’s all about the timing and the timing is right for this Television Fund.  There has never been a moment in history when original, exciting new TV content has been in such demand - from so many different networks or distribution channels.” 

With raised funds, TEN10 Television Fund (1) LLC plans to create and develop, and in some cases produce a minimum of (10) ten 'television properties' to be pitched directly to major television broadcast and cable network decision makers. TEN10 isn’t competing with the likes of Netflix and Apple - they are helping them grow their business by providing them content.

Learn more about how you can join the TV digital revolution as an investor by contacting a member of the TEN10 Financial team to request a copy of our Private Placement Memorandum.


The Company - via an offering that will be released on November 18, 2015 - is offering a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of sixty (60) Class B Membership Units at a price of $25,000.00 per Unit for a total of $1,500,000.  Investors into Class B Membership Units through this Offering will become Class B Members in the LLC.  Class B Members will receive net income distributions in the following manner, subject to the Operating Agreement; (a) one hundred percent (100%) of all TEN10 Television’s negotiated share of revenue for each television property in the television fund portfolio shall be distributed to Class B Members until each Class B Member has recouped in full invested capital contributions and realized an annualized thirty five percent (35%) simple interest return on invested capital contributions and; (b) thereafter, Class B Members will participate on a pari passu basis in fifty percent (50%) of all TEN10 Television’s share of revenue in film fund television properties in perpetuity.  See “Exhibit B - Operating Agreement” in the TEN10 Television Fund LLC - Private Placement Memorandum.

For More Information Contact:

TEN10 Entertainment/Television

2405 Forest Park Blvd.

Ft. Worth, TX 76110

(O)  817/632/5023



Chairman - Joshua Mills

-  817/632/5022  joshua@TEN10ent.com

Executive Producer – Steven Camp

-  817/632/5023  steven@TEN10ent.com

COO/Compliance – Joseph Pizzarelli

-  203/249/6162  -  joe@TEN10ent.com

*  The information contained in this email or documents enclosed shall NOT be copied, distributed or discussed in whole or in part to others without the prior written consent of TEN10 Entertainment/TEN10 PM, LLC (TTE/TTPM).  This information has been prepared solely for the purpose of establishing the business objectives of TTE/TTPM and for formulating specific strategies for achieving these objectives.  Nothing contained therein shall be construed as an offer to sell securities relating to TTE/TTPM.  Any such offer will be made solely by means of a 'Prospectus Offering' prepared by the TTE/TTPM Legal Team.

*  Investors into TEN10 projects must be 'Accredited Investors'.  Securities Laws define the term 'Accredited Investor' in Rule 501 of Regulation D as either: a natural person who has an individual net worth, or joint with spouse, that exceeds $1million (excluding the value of the primary residence) at the time of the purchase – OR - a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and has a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year.


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