TEN10 Television Announces the "Pitch the Pros Challenge"

TEN10 Television announces the “Pitch The Pros Challenge” in an effort to discover new and exciting prime time television show ideas.

Do you have an idea for the next hit television show?  Submit your idea on our 'Contest Portal', and let's see if your idea excites any of our judges and partners in Hollywood.

"We're really excited about this contest. Our television slate already consists of (13) dynamic shows formatted for prime time television, with several big names attached."

Steven Camp

Founder/Executive Producer TEN10 Television

Here's How It Works

TEN10 has enlisted a team of 5 Industry Veterans as Contest Judges, who will pick a winning television show concept/property for each of these 5 categories:  Reality TV - Game Shows - Scripted Comedy - Scripted Dramas - Children’s Show

The Winner in each category will receive an award of $2,500 up-front, and that's not all.  TEN10 Television will then commit up to $25,000 to develop and produce a pilot presentation for each winning television show concept/property.  "We'll bring these television show ideas to life - by developing and producing a 'pitch pilot presentation' for each of the winning ideas - then we'll add these shows to our lineup to pitch to Hollywood", says Joshua Mills, Chairman of TEN10 Television. 

The “PITCH THE PROS Challenge” will accept submissions in any form through May 31st.  Winners will be announced on June 10th, 2016. 

Submit your show idea here http://www.pitchthepros.com.

"INSTANT EP CHOICE AWARD"  -  A chance to get your television show funded immediately!

The TEN10 Television Executive Producer Team will review all contest submissions immediately when entered.  Concepts or Television Show Properties that we find to have exceptional potential will be selected as ‘Instant Winners’.  "We're really excited about this contest.  Our television slate already consists of (13) dynamic shows formatted for prime time television, with several big names attached."  (Steven Camp  -  TEN10 Television Founder & Executive Producer)


Investor Portal:   http://ten10televisionfund1.com

TEN10 Television is a perfect blend of Wall St. and Hollywood veterans, who have launched a $1,500,000 television fund:  The TEN10 Television Fund (1).  The purpose of the fund is to develop and produce scripted or unscripted comedy and drama television show properties, along with game shows and reality television shows.  Once developed by TEN10, these shows will then be pitched and presented to multiple network and broadcast television decision makers.


TEN10 Television’s principal offices are presently located at 2405 Forest Park Blvd., Ft. Worth, TX 76110.  The Company’s telephone number is 817-632-5023, and the Company’s email address is info@ten10ent.com.  The Managing Members of the Company are Steven Camp, (Founder), Joshua Mills, (Chairman) and Joseph Pizzarelli (COO).  

*  Please Note - We Will Not Accept Unsolicited Project Calls Or Emails.


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