Zymöl ION (TM), Sprayable Protectant for All of the Surfaces of All Electric Vehicles

Zymol ION

Owners of Tesla, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Mercedes-B, Porsche Cayenne SE all have a common need protect their investment. The Electric Vehicle is now the new and expensive standard of transportation. To protect the owner’s investment Zymöl has created IONtm.

The ‘Negative Charge’ of the electric vehicle body attracts and holds Zymol’s ‘Positively Charged’ ION wax coating.

After a decade of nano research and field testing, Zymöl has perfected ION.

Charles Bennett, CEO

And, when the car is washed or exposed to rain the Positive Charged Ion bonding becomes active again.

This reactivation increases surface protection and offers a self cleaning affect.

Charles Bennett, CEO of Zymöl says, “After a decade of nano research and field testing, Zymöl has perfected IONtm, a Positive Ionic wax using a hydrogen bonded Carnauba/Lotus wax emulsion. This simply means a cleaner, better protected car with fewer applications and no work!”

Zymöl - IONtm misting spray is propellant, co2 and solvent free supporting a clear view to protecting our environment as well.

For more information contact:

Crystal Smith
​Phone: (352) 540-9085

Source: Zymol Worldwide


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