New Zymöl Atomic Graphene Shield Makes Cars Dirt and Water Resistant

And It's Affordable World Class Protection

Affordable Forever Car Care

​​​​​​Where there are cars there is passion, thrills, dreams and personal status!

"Unfortunately damage to what we love is caused by the constant exposure to the destructive forces of the environment," says Charles Bennett CEO of Zymöl.

Choosing the right protection for a car’s finish is critical. The Zymöl brand, known for the best vehicle protection products in the world, introduces Zymöl Atomic Graphene Shield.

A groundbreaking patented protectant that is incredibly strong, hard and resilient with a high gloss shine that’s harder than any ceramic! 

Zymöl Atomic Graphene Shield is formulated with pure Graphene and pure Carnauba Resin to provide a hard shield that constantly repels dirt, water and environmental fallout.

Until today there has never been a consumer product utilizing the brilliant ingredient discovery, Graphene. Zymöl, working with science bound Phitech, LLC has broken this barrier and is releasing its first Graphene formulated product using a Patented Graphene Colloid.

What makes this product different is it doesn’t sit on the car’s surface; it becomes part of the car’s surface.

Unlike silicones, waxes and polymers that ‘sit’ on a painted surface, Graphene bonds atomically with the paint.

Zymöl Atomic Graphene Paint Shield has a very special set of properties that set it apart from other paint protection products. In relation to its thickness, it is about 200 times stronger than hardened steel. The Shield’s Graphene Superlattices are harder than diamond. The Atomic​ Graphene Shield is the best conductor of heat (UV), is best at repelling dirt and water (hydrophobicity) and is totally transparent since you can’t see an atom.

Zymöl's new product simply relies on physics and the basic properties of the elements in nature to fight for and protect what we own and love. 

Sound too good to be true? Google the Zymöl ingredient, Graphene then call, email or go online to to get your piece of the future!

About Zymöl:

Zymöl (pronounced "ZYE-mol") is the world's leading producer of premium surface care products. Its effectiveness, natural ingredients, environmental compatibility and adoption by the all-enthusiasts distinguish and separate Zymöl from other less quality offerings.

With over 200 years of formula experience, Zymöl has developed washing, cleaning and feeding products that are used to protect and shine the finest finishes in the world.

Museums, enthusiasts and manufacturers have discovered the value of Zymöl. Owners of the finest Automobiles, Motorcycles, Boats, Aircraft and musical instruments in the world enjoy Zymöl custom wax formulas.

Zymöl is dedicated to helping present and future generations preserve and protect the contributions made by the designers, manufacturers, collectors and restorers of our works of art, new or old.

Zymöl also provides horse care products, with an eye toward home care. Zymöl is privately held and operated.

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