Martin Guitar Only Wants the Best!

MartinTM chooses ZymölTM to create their new Luxe Guitar Detailer.

Martin LUXE Guitar Detailer

Three years ago Chris Martin, C.F. Martin & Company Chairman and CEO,  asked Chuck Bennett, CEO of Zymöl to create a line of protective surface care products with the Luxe Guitar Detailer being the first. Chris wanted this Detailer to be an easy to use, cleaning and waxing one-step product for use on all Martin guitars. The result is a Hand-Crafted formula that cleans and protects every surface of all guitars.

Developed exclusively by Zymöl this cleaner and protectant comes in a quick and easy single-use packet that contains a wax infused towelette. Formulated with all-natural ingredients this cleaner and wax combo is safe for new, classic or vintage guitar surfaces. The Luxe guitar detailer is used on every guitar at Martin’s factory and now available at all Martin Dealers. Martin owners can now care for and protect their guitar with the very best.

Luxe by Martin... it’s time to protect the guitar you love.

Contact: C. Bennett ( (860) 391-4312

Zymöl Company Background – 

Zymöl (pronounced ZYE-mol) is the world’s leading producer of surface care products derived from nature. Its effectiveness, natural ingredients, environmental compatibility and adoption by collectors and enthusiasts distinguish Zymöl from its competitors.

With over 200 years of formulary experience, Zymöl has developed washing, cleaning and feeding formulas used to protect and shine some of the finest possessions in the world. Museums, enthusiasts and manufacturers have discovered the value of Zymöl. 

Zymöl is dedicated to helping present and future generations preserve and protect the contributions made by the designers, manufacturers, collectors and restorers of our cherished works of art, new or old.

Source: Zymol