Zymöl Announces waxID, the Custom Formulary Available Exclusively on Amazon

Treat Your Car to Its Very Own Wax.

Zymol waxID

40 years ago Zymöl, changed the car care industry by creating the first naturally derived car waxes containing extremely high quantities of rare Brazilian Carnauba, and today Zymöl is changing car care all over again . . . one customer at a time.

Zymöl introduces waxIDtm, the first personalized car care system that gives car owners the opportunity to have their very own custom wax formula.

Supported by decades of technical data gleaned from over 20 million customers and inspired by the one-to-one attention given to Collectors, the waxID online Amazon program gathers the necessary information Zymöl technicians need to build a custom formula wax for every car owner!

With more than 200 years of combined formulary expertise, waxID biochemists and technicians use naturally derived ingredients to create the perfect wax for each car. This customized paint care treats, beautifies, shines and deeply protects paint.

Another first for Zymöl, waxID is exclusively available on Amazon.com and will be showcased through a series of online videos hosted on the Amazon Zymöl Store.

For more information contact: Charles Bennett at cbennett@zymol.com or call Zymöl Customer Service at (352) 540-9085.

About Zymöl

Zymöl (pronounced ZYE-mol) is the world's leading producer of premium automotive care products. Its effectiveness, natural ingredients, environmental compatibility and adoption by the automotive elite distinguish Zymöl in the market.

Since 1980, Zymöl's washing, cleaning and feeding formulas have been used to protect and shine some of the finest cars in the world. From Vintage(TM) Estate Glaze ($2,200.00) to AutoWash(TM) ($19), there are Zymöl products to suit any budget, need or vehicle.

Hand-crafted Zymöl paste waxes are based on a carriage maker's formula developed in Bischofsheim, Germany in the late 1800s.

Zymöl is dedicated to helping present and future generations preserve and protect the contributions made by the designers, manufacturers, collectors and restorers of motorized and non-motorized works of art, new or old.

Source: Zymöl