Zymöl Announces New Patent

Deeper Zymöl Protection

Zymol Patented Container

Zymöl (Phitech, LLC) is pleased to announce the grant of US Patent No. 9,079,695. This patent provides protection for the all important ‘Zymöl’ self-vacuumizing container that keeps Zymöl Waxes and Glazes virtually fresh forever.

The Zymöl Wax and Glaze container uses an O-ring with an elliptical cross-section secured within a gasket seat around the Zymöl container that holds the bio-active Zymöl formulas.

Simply, we are changing everything currently known about surface care.

Charles Bennett, CEO

"The grant of this patent provides further recognition of the quality and continued innovation by the Zymöl engineering team," says Charles Bennett CEO. "We are moving forward with other patent results that will put us 30 years into the future."

"Simply," says Bennett, "we are changing everything currently known about surface care."


C.E. Bennett  cbennett@zymol.com
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Source: Zymol