Youth Drug Use: What Subtle Signs Should Parents Be Looking For

Narconon provides direction to parents who are concerned their teenage children may be using drugs.

It is vital to detect teen drug use early

Parents who know how to detect whether or not their children are using drugs are in a much better position to step in before it becomes a serious problem.

Since most teenage drug-users want to keep it a secret, it is not always easy to find out.

Subtle Signs to Watch For

Here are eight attitude or personality changes indicating your child may be using drugs:

  1. Isolation, secrecy, missing family events, locking the bedroom door, making a fuss if anyone touches their possessions
  2. Hostility, frequent angry or antagonistic responses, blaming others if they are criticized
  3. Being frequently gone from home for many hours and unwilling to say where they are going
  4. Needing more money than usual
  5. Hanging with a new group of friends, particularly older kids or ones who are not doing well in school or life; rejecting former friends, especially those who are doing well
  6. Abandoning activities they previously enjoyed
  7. Doing worse at school or after-school job
  8. Eating differently and/or gaining or losing weight without a good reason

Parents who see changes like these should take immediate action. Talk to a doctor, the child’s teachers. Look further for signs of drug use or paraphernalia.

In our era of escalating teen overdose deaths, the child’s very life may depend on quick detection and rapid action.

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