www.Vacation.Rentals Eclipses the 1,000 Mark in Just Under 3 Months

Fast-rising vacation rental platform hits an important cardinal point on the way to 5,000 and beyond

Sun Cabo Luxury Vacation Rentals

Vacation.Rentals achieved a storied milestone today – gaining its 1,000th listing since their 15th of May, 2018 launch. Keeping a close eye on the countdown, Mike Kugler – CEO and President of www.vacation.rentals said the process seemed to take forever as the number 999 held on for 2 days. “We kept refreshing the admin panel to see who would be the 1,000th and it continued to stay on 999. At one point we thought possibly there was something wrong with the registration process and even looked in on that, but everything was fine. Finally, on the morning of the 8th a listing for Cabo San Lucas appeared and we were overjoyed to have made this important milestone.”

The lucky listing belongs to David Girard, managing director of SunCabo.com, a property management company for vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas. When told of the lucky listing Dave was pleased to hear the news and even happier when he learned that the property number was the Villa Estero – a beautiful 5 bedroom villa that can accommodate up to 12 guests comfortably. The lucky listing automatically receives a free 1-year listing and will be featured in several article writeups in the future.

I was excited to learn it was this particular property because it is an ideal listing for a website like this.

Dave Girard, CEO SunCabo

Sun Cabo has many other properties under their management, but the Villa Estero was certainly the best candidate according to Dave. “I was excited to learn it was this particular property because it is an ideal listing for a website like this. Typically, we don’t receive a lot of bookings through AirBNB because our properties are on the higher end with some running as high as $25,000 a night. Given that, we hope to receive many reservation requests through www.Vacation.Rentals and are willing to try them out to see how it goes.”

Finally over the hump and into the 4 digit realm, Mike Kugler was able to sit back and reflect on the journey and how they have arrived here.

“From day 1 I knew we had something special. The website has ranked ferociously on the first page of Google for about 40 search terms. In fact, for the past 6 months, we have not been off of the first page once, including the main search term “vacation rentals.” While it would be nice to be in the top 3, we have a ways to go and grow to get there, but our drive and perseverance are strengthened now by finally getting over the millennial mark.”

Asked about the future for www.Vacation.Rentals Kugler said, “I believe the next milestone will be 2,500 listings. Then we will have significant relevance in the industry and it will help to give travelers even more choice than they currently have. Right now, we are overwhelmed with listings from Florida but we have incredible homes for rent in other parts of North America. For example, we have a vacation rental in Clyde, North Carolina that is simply astonishing. All hand built, 65 acres, right in the middle of a herd of buffalo. To the west, we have beautiful chalets in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that are literally minutes from the gondolas. Dave’s vacation homes for rent in Cabo San Lucas likewise are simply breathtaking.“

He concluded with this final statement: “It would be great to see more listings come to the site from Texas, Alabama, South Carolina and beyond. For right now, we are just pleased that we are members of the 1,000 club and look forward to serving our customers for many years to come. No matter what, customer service must be the most important part of the equation in order for us to stand out and that is something we intend to excel at.”

About Sun Cabo

Sun Cabo Vacations is the premier luxury villa rental company in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our mission is to help you create your most unforgettable vacation experience ever when you stay at one of our properties in Cabo, whether you are staying in Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals, or anywhere else in the beautiful Los Cabos.

About Vacarent, LLC

Vacation.Rentals is a project that has been pursued for the past three years by the owner and developer of the site, Mike Kugler. Mike and his wife Handan own Hunters Friend Resort in Branson, MO. and have been in the short-term rental market for 14 years. During this time, they noticed a strong trend towards taking more of the owner/property managers’ revenue from listing sites, while giving less in return for owners who did not pay for premium listing services. In August of 2015, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released new gTLDs to the marketplace in the hopes of spreading out some of the competition for highly lucrative domains. For the past three years, we have pursued and finally won the right of ownership for Vacation.Rentals. Vacation.Rentals launched live to the internet on the 15th of May, 2018 with the desire to bring a more affordable, user-friendly experience to the short-term, nightly rental market. This effort took months of hard work and commitment from a dedicated staff, along with a sizeable commitment in investment. It is our strongest desire to grow this site to over a million listings worldwide, and we will not stop until we have achieved this. We will accomplish this by demonstrating a commitment to owners as well as travelers. We do not collect any fees or commissions on bookings, just a simple annual membership fee for each home listed. We will not strike out contact information from either side, and encourage our owners to interact with us directly, to let us know what other features they would like to see added. With this, we will launch a forum for https://vacation.rentals and encourage everyone to use it.

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