Vacation Rentals CEO to Be Guest Speaker at NamesCon Convention to Speak to Website Success

For 10 straight months, the website has been in the top 10 Google search results, confounding critics and encouraging investors who are branching away from dot-coms. The CEO of VacaRent will discuss why they believe their website has had so much success in a crowded marketplace of short term rentals with the exact match domain vacation rentals.

Vacation Rentals By VacaRent

Vacation.Rentals is not a mistype. The first word (vacation) and the second word (rentals) make up what is known as the TLD and the SLD - Top Level Domain and Secondary Level Domain respectively. Since 2014, new domains extensions are flooding the internet at an astonishing pace, receiving almost triple the growth in registrations in 2018 of their more recognizable counterparts .com and .net. Last year, 1 out of 5 registrations for new domains extensions was a new TLD - and they are winning the internet SEO battle as well.

One of the pioneers of the new TLDs is Mike Kugler, the CEO of VacaRent - the parent company of Since their official site launch last May they have enjoyed 10 continuous months of first-page placement on Google's organic search results resulting in amazing growth for a new website. The first page results have been well documented on the website The intent of is to showcase how the new TLDs can and are making an impact in the internet domain industry. 

VacaRent's success has not gone unnoticed in the industry, with an invitation extended to Mike Kugler to be a guest panelist at the NamesCon convention to be held on the 29 of January at the Tropicana Hotel 11 a.m. The session is titled "Making sense of $500k for a nTLD" and explains the company's passion and drive behind spending such an extraordinary amount on a relatively new extension. He will be joined by Blake Janover, another entrepreneur from Miami, Florida who likewise has bought an enormously successful domain with Home.Loans. The session will be moderated by Andrew Allemann of Domain News Wire and will run for one hour.

Kugler is reluctant to label himself as an expert or even highly knowledgeable about all things related to search engine optimization. In fact, he spends a significant amount of time researching and learning much like many of his contemporaries. Still, he is aware of how successful the website has been; and continues to be. "One of the most distressing aspects of a new site is working out the bugs in the code," Kugler said "The site took off explosively and we had 100s upon 100s of new listings pouring in while we were still trying to work through issues on the site. This led to early frustration and some degree of difficulty, but we handled it as quickly and professionally as we could. In fact, the coding was 10 times more difficult than achieving SEO success. That actually came very easily and continues to be so."

Asked if he felt that any new domain would see the same month on month success that has seen, Kugler hesitated. "Look, I know that there is interest in the industry to buy into these, create a site, and see immediate traffic. On the other hand, there is a lot more to it than just that. In our case, our purchase at the time was record-setting, and there was quite a lot written about it at the beginning which helped to push our site up. Over time, word of mouth got out there from one homeowner to another telling them to list their vacation homes for rent on our site and that in turn fueled even more growth. It helped that homeowners by and large hate working with Airbnb and VRBO - two of our main competitors who are very well established in the industry of short term rentals. In fact, one of the largest driving channels of our success has been our YouTube channel for Vacation Rentals. That has been unbelievably powerful in driving even more traffic to our site. Just this past week, we received notification from FeedSpot that our channel was the number 1 channel on YouTube for Vacation Rentals. That was significant and very well received."

"Still, given that," he continued "if a lucrative opportunity for new domains exists and is within the budget of the buyer, I would highly recommend it. Domains like,, or even could do very well and give years of return just on savings for SEO alone. I have no idea what these domains would sell for, but I still remember what a friend who worked in SEO said to me when we bought ours. She said 'Ohhh... it is a priceless domain.' And I still feel like that and agree with her. The evidence is overwhelming now that the new domain extensions are hammering the search results hard and doing very well. They may have been gimmicky at first, but no one is laughing any longer. Especially when you see sites like Amazon using them now to fill employment for their company. Just the mere mention of the word Amazon gives it instant credibility and shuts down all discussion that the domains won't work. Same for hud loans, cannabis club, and even our site vacation rentals."

When asked if he had any intentions of buying and marketing any other domains Kugler was quick to answer with a laugh. "No! I have way more on my plate than I can handle right now. Eventually, we are going to work on another premium domain I bought for Boat Rentals but that is a ways down the road."

If you are interested in attending the NamesCon convention tickets prices range from $25 - $1,349. A discount coupon can be used by using this discount code or by copying this hyperlink.

Source: VacaRent, LLC

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